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Cute thread!
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teh rei


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huge filesize fuck yeah

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Anime wallpaper thread
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/m/ represent


wew nice


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All Transformations of the Sailor Guardians:



I was actually planning on watching everything named salor moon cause a friend highly recommends it, but the series is just too big. You got any cheat sheet or guides?


Just chip away at it at your own pace.

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I appreciate Liru and all she has done to make imageboards, nay... LIFE so fantastic for the world. I just can't imagine what my life would be like without her. Probably worse and for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank You.


no problemo dude


what anime is this from


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Post your favorite animu girl
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You see this? You see this beauty? This is the perfect waifu.
And please, don't mistake me for your average person who watched 2 episodes of UBW and decided that if the thighs are good and she would abuse you it's good enough for them. I look beyond such things. Who she is, the reasons she acts the way she acts. Her determination to do what she believes needs to be done, while not forgetting about the people she cares about in the process. Her caring nature. These are the type of things I see when I look at this absolute masterful creation. For me, she's not just some character you remember when your pathetic life decisions lead you to search who to watch hentai of today. For me she's someone I can devote my life to, and while I may appreciate the perfection of her body like other, less loving people do, I make sure to never forget the personality behind that ho-so-fine body.
I still remembered the day I finished UBW. that day I realized the miracle that is Rin Tohsaka, and people laughed. They said "wait till you read Heaven's Feel, your waifu will change". I laughted at them, but because they thought my heart will be so easily swayed by some pink baby (what even is that color?), but beacuse of the gross underestimation of my love for Rin Tohsaka. She was not merely some "waifu", but a partner for live, the subject of my eternal love, what you could call wife. And behold, I did read Heaven's Feel, and not only did my love for tohsaka not wavered once, but, in fact, increased to amount I did not know I was capable of before this point.
If you agree let's talk about this masterpiece of character creation, but please, if you're one of those people I talked about, don't bother, I don't want my day to be ruined by someone like you.

Actually I just finished F/SN visual novel and I had to talk about it. Took the opportunity to share my love for this character and try to write some shit for fun.


It's just a girl, bro, they're fucken' everywhere
And they're annoying as all tits


Sounds like someone has never experienced being either in an all-male school/workspace or being in a mixed environment. Sure girls have their annoying things but being in a sausage party for like 2/3 months is boring and very same-y, and I'll take a little annoyance over staleness.

Also that paragraph was a joke

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Which one do you like better? I love both, but I like Rozen Maiden a little bit more
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It would be a nice pasta, but you didn't cook it.
BTW where have you bought it?


At the based department


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Rozen Maiden manga > Touhou > Rozen Maiden anime

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This series is overrated trash
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One punch man is better


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I like how the show flows, and the action is fun, not really sure why everyone either praises it or shits on it. It it like the SAO thing were a nice show got way too overrated so people decided to hate on it?


A thread from almost 3 years ago is still alive, amazing

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Generic student council prez


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Aha she's literally me *0*


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>no grill from the lagoon to dress up in cute outfits
why even live

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Nichijou thread

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What anime are you watching
Laid-Back camp,
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I now watch Grisaia no Kajitsu, bretty epic honestly.


Vinland Saga. The characters are all really compelling and I dig the period-accurate weapons and armor. If I could change one thing it would be to tone down the fights. A single sword swing can not chop someone in half vertically. But it's an anime so whatever.


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Oregairu S3 and 12 Kingdoms. After that I'll probably move on to some of the stuff in my backlog or rewatch something I haven't seen in years (Haruhi most likely).
Truly a masterpiece, though after I finished it I couldn't watch anything else for quite a while. Nothing seemed to come close to the narrative heights that LOGH had. Did you anons have a similar experience?

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Think of this as a book club
It can be for anime/manga new or oldfags
Stuff you read or watched recently or in the past
I posted these on livechan, but i figured i might as well post them here!
Both of these where stories made by anons on 2channel, then was adapted word for word into mangas
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Some manga I'm partial to that haven't been otherwise recomended to death are Dr. Slump, Giganto Makhia, Golden Kamuy, Psyche Matashitemo and Spirit Circle


is there a anime or manga with a philosophical theme like lain, or perhaps something cyberpunk?


The 1995 ghost in shell anime film maybe

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I love the orchestr/a/. But what really makes me shit my pants is the opening sing alongs...
Hits the feels

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Cirno is the patron saint of 22chan
>hates frogposters
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math is fake anyway


Exactly, all I gotta know is that 2+2=22(chan)



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What's your favorite sports anime or manga /a/? Eyeshield 21 here
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I used to think that, but then I found out there's a bunch or really good anime about watersports.


Eyeshield 21 is my favorite, too


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Can someone recommend me a good golf anime? I haven't found anything...

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Is there any reason why you still are attached to filthy 3D women, anon?
3D pigs:
>Will fuck Tyrone and his pals until age of 40 when she's "ready to settle down" after she's had all her holes gaped and mutilated
2D girls:
>Always beautiful
>Always caring
>Incredibly loyal
The only argument that 3D fans have is that you can't touch or talk to anime girls, however, being aware that none of you virgin faggots have talked to an actual woman, let alone had sex or even kissed one, I don't see why you are still so eager to defend the modern degeneracy imbued within 3D women.
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The parents thing doesn't mean you have to get kids, but still good to see how it works for that long for your family to better help you on where you can really get someone to get together or stay.


if you have a 3d waifu


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The debate becomes simpler if only images are involved.

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