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Have you seen this man?
As in the title, this thread is for the '90s super robot iteration of Gundam.
My opinion after catching some of it with /mmc/ is that its cartoony approach, despite being a departure from the tradition of the franchise, is very amusing and succeeds in not allowing itself to be tied down by its lineage. I understand it to be a controversial entry among people who prefer Gundam as a real robot franchise, but I have enjoyed what I've seen.
Please, share your thoughts.


Mobile G Fighter is great so far. I also love the opening line of the thread anon! I love how this world is more self-contained. It makes this series easy to take in. I've enjoyed what I've seen so far. I'll write my opinions on each episode soon. Thank you for making this thread. It will be fun discussing the show as we watch it.


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I started Mobile Fighter G Gundam or what I affectionately call Mobile Racist G Gundam. Episode 1 is really promising. The main character has the cool 90s anime art style. The animation is old while still being cool. Episode one shows the police in a bad light. They got in the way of the hero and helped the criminal. That is analogist of now. The main character was bailed out by what I think is the main female character. She is cool. The Gundam fight in this episode was awesome though the transformation sequence was silly. Episode 2 of Mobile Racist G Gundam was delightful. In today's episode, we were in America. The stereotyping of Americans was hilarious. I'll list a few. The good old boy starting from the bottom, the twig in his mouth, cockiness, lavish lifestyle, fanfare, love of government officials, and glowie's taking out dissent. The story of the episode was fun. It was cool how Domon challenged the Americans. Domon is a cool character. The glowie's almost ruined this episode but with the help of the Americans, they were defeated. I wish that happened IRL. The fight was brief but the idea that the Gundams can rejoin is interesting

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Thread for discussing the show alongside the /mmc/. If you've watched it already, feel free to drop by anyway!
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I basically lost the episode i was on and i dont exactly remember, so i decided to just watch the gundam compilation movies and catch up that way, apparantly some minor changes was made to uphold the "real robot" spirit also to add extra info that wasnt availible in the old shows. Will report back on my thoughts. I will also watch the other shows that are canon/apart of the same timeline like Hathaway and unicorn but if you lads think that's gay i'll make a seperate thread or something.


Having watched about 20 minutes in of episode one i realised something interesting. The federation only has three moble suits, all of them being prototypes of eachother and the zions literally have thousands of moble suits. when amuro beat the hell out of the zaku and of them commented about how hes "never seen anything like this before" he's literally never saw two moble suits fighting. The zeons made it to the point where they where just about to wipe out the federation and if amiro didnt protect the newer, more advanced gundam by actually using it they would have been exterminated like pests that day.


Moble suit gundam 1 ended around episode 13/14 and they cut out the parts where white base recived the G-part upgrades from matilda apparantly because Yoshiyuki felt like it was too "super robot" Also they didnt include >>857 <-- that scene.

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This is a sort of slow-paced moe/comedy anime that /mmc/ just started. It's sorta comfy and definitely a bit of a period piece. I am interested to see what direction it goes in. Please share your thoughts here.


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I watched it back in college and remember it being cute, chill but melancholy.


if not for the cast this is p. sad and moody lol

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it started kinda cool and epic like a studio that i wanna send my work into but then eventually the making of documentary says that the character is now "humble" but is a complete snob and makes my head wanna explode hearing how the writer dont seem to care about and just money grubbing as an industry i suppose so i dont giv a shidd anymore


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>/a/ - Chinese Netflix anime


>>994 k. what do you think tho


Personally, I don't care if it was released by Netflix or anyone else and I had a good time watching that donghua. Funny, exciting entertainment.

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did anime cell drawing cost cheap dirt back then or did it get worse? my dad used to say products were profitable then eventually become unprofitable like technology/computer spareparts so i guess naturally evwrything else too? like gold or ceramics or... anime drawing?

is the market trend always go down anyway or how does that work usually

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Subject related.
So far i like the theme of blue gender
english version
And ushio and tora.
(image not related)


Steins;Gate 0 opening's stuck with me for months now, it sounds so nice


Off the top of my head:
Outlaw Star
Black Lagoon
Golden Boy
Great Teacher Onizuka (has a good second OP too)
Plus some of the worst I know, to spice things up:
Kill Me Baby
Burst Angel
Might post some more later, but this is just what occurs to me readily



What's up, people?! from Death Note. I will forever bump this.

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A thread for discussing the mecha v giant alien space bugs show, Blue Gender, which has just about been wrapped up on the /mmc/.
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I find the blues to be quite realistic because roaches have the ablility to survive underwater for 30 minutes, and they've even developed a general resistance to pesticides, even ones they've never even encountered!


It seems like yuji's and marlines personalities switched, now yuji is cold and marline is caring and emotional but yuji seemingly craves power and to surpass tony. Also, it seems that b-cells aren't exactly an illness after all. the new girl that was introduced is honestly quite annoying and i hope they kill her off.


[spoiler]So it turns out blues are just animals with blue cells that got fucked with to the point where they became those giant bug things. Also it turns out the scientist is trying to save yuji and grow a resistance group against the goverment which is interesting [/spoiler]

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because for whatever reason there isn't one up. It's time to settle the fact that 22chan is an Asukafag website.
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If i had to choose an episode i liked the most, it would have to be the one about the unmanned EVA that went rouge
Also, did anyone see those Rebuild of Evangelion film series yet?


It had a very nice ending that didnt explain everything, but wrapped it up nicely. I honestly prefer it then the end of evangelion movie. Also it was generally a good message to think about. I really liked this series, It had some dumb fanservice but overall it didnt ruin the story. (just finished the series today)
Vid related lol https://youtube.com/watch?v=5X9RUOEOoNQ


"I needed you" is what it was revealed to be in an interview, but they messed up the recording and decided that it was cooler if it was left ambiguous.

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This is a somewhat obscure racing anime that /mmc/ recently started. My initial impressions are that it has quality mechanical design and animation. It has the potential to be quite interesting IMO. Certainly a worthy follow-up to our viewing of the F-Zero anime. Feel free to leave your thoughts if you're watching along or are already familiar with this anime.


Future GPX is pretty interesting. The main protagonist being 14 is a little confusing but, it is still plausible I guess. It makes sense that he was riding a motorcycle rather than a car. Later in the episode, it turns out he can drive a car perfectly, which makes no sense. The action scene was cool, especially the plane crash part. Episode 2 was more of a set-up episode for future episodes. I don't know how to feel about the show yet, to be honest though.

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Discussion of Desert simp. We're currently watching it on /mmc/
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I think the main thing setting the comedy of Desert Punk apart from most anime is that it's fairly unpredictable and relies more on its own irreverent attitude than on cliches or contrivances. It's not wholly unprecedented, but if you watch a lot of anime you can start to notice patterns in stuff like the comedic timing and Desert Punk just seems relatively fresh.


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There was a lot of intensity in episode 17 of Desert Punk. Somehow, Junko found someone as desperate and crazy as Kanta. While Kanta is crazy, this guy is hunting her down. Although Junko knows how Kanta is, he is still taking advantage of how much of a sucker Punk is. Desert Punk's mission was another insane mission Desert Punk undertook because he finds Junko attractive. Men are attracted to Junko for some reason. It turns out that Desert Punk has some sort of government connection. Desert Punk doesn't have a lot of friends so that is baffling, to say the least. It was strange how he got that nerd so fast. The ruse from Punk was funny. It also seems Desert Punk isn't high level because he lost his money


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Episodes 19 and 20 of Desert Punk was a change of pace. The series has gotten slightly more serious. It turns out there is going to be some weird rebellion going on. The forces have some underground fortresses. It is quite something because they have every character from Junko to that protagonist parody. To be honest, I think the rebellion idea is kind of gay, but, Desert Punk adds to its appeal. Them getting wrecked was also cool. I don't believe for a second that Desert Punk is dead.

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Let's discuss cowboy bebop, /a/. What's your opinion of the show? Any favorite characters/favorite scenes? Any questions or things you are confused about?
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Ed makes a brief appearance in the last episode. To put it lightly, it's a fucking cringefest.


It's like hearing about a bad accident or something, you really aren't supposed to look but you have the strong urge to see, and that's how i kinda feel about this show since i havent seen it yet.


(i mean the netflix live action adaption)

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This is one of my favorite anime and probably the one that best represents the 90s era for me. If you haven't seen it, it's on /mmc/ now. It does a remarkable job balancing action with comedy and has a great soundtrack; I'd recommend it to anyone. By the way, have any of you read the manga? I've been meaning to check it out
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Episode 3 of Trigun was a solid story. I loved how the crazy things Vash did to get a better gun. The fight with the fake Vash the stampede was cool too. Episode 4 was crazy. The kidnapping of the girl was scary and had me on my toes watching it. The twist towards the end was funny too.
Episode 5 of Trigun was great. The first few minutes of the episode were pure genius in my mind. I love how Vash managed to escape despite hitting a bell. The town collectively was going after Vash and, that was hilarious. The motivation for that was sad but, it was funny to watch. The mayor was desperate so, a small gay retard and a big gay retard appeared. Vash easily defeated the two because they are retarded. Episode 6 was more of a typical Trigun. Vash fell for another shyster again. Vash easily falls for female shysters. It is astounding but, Vash's power is also astounding.


We watched the movie in /mmc/ today. I thought it did a good job bringing in new characters. They were fleshed out well, but they also managed not to steal the show from the returning cast. All of the characters from the show felt familiar in how they written, and in general the whole thing felt like it would fit right in with the series. It has the same combination of action and humor that makes Trigun work in the first place, so I highly recommend it to fans of the show. The only thing I could criticize is the heavy use of CG, but there was still a lot of skill on display in the animation. It's the quality I would expect from a Madhouse OVA.


The new characters were likable which, was a pleasant surprise. This movie must have been a treat for Trigun fans back in 2010. Vash was as cool as ever in the movie.

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Subject related, Which do you like better? Have you noticed any noticable diffrences?
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Japanese to english translations aren't too perfect either, one word can have several meanings and if the translator fucks up, (some times there are things you just can't translate) it changes everything. A character thanking his friend for always being there for him, can be translated wrong to make it seem like he's actually a fag and wanted to tell his friend he want's to date him. Mishearings are a popular jap meme and it's really hard to translate it to an american audience unless you want to have a little wall of text in the corner elaborating the joke. (someone feel free to correct me because i'm a filthy gaijin)


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I caught this yesterday while watching Angel Heart. I just had to post the screenshot here because it's exactly the kind of thing you're talking about.


I noticed something interesting with blue gender. Both sub and dub (not the adult swim dub mind you) are the same, but there are parts that don't match up
I'll give a non-spoiler explanation then i'll post a spoilered one to be more precise. They cut out some audio for no real reason whatsoever, and the title card with the main theme is diffrent some how. I'm guessing they screwed with the main theme/title card to match up with the english vocals? The other thing i'm not so sure why it was cut out. [spoiler]There is a scene with marline, who is dreaming. She is swimming and she hear's yuji calling for her. In the english dub this is cut out for some reason.[/spoiler] Another thing i found interesting about blue gender is that both the opening and closing theme for the dub are sung in english which is honestly fun.

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Think of this as a book club
It can be for anime/manga new or oldfags
Stuff you read or watched recently or in the past
I posted these on livechan, but i figured i might as well post them here!
Both of these where stories made by anons on 2channel, then was adapted word for word into mangas
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Read several adaptions of HP Lovecraft's works by Gou Tanabe and it's honestly too perfect. He really pulled off the visuals and i'm pretty awestruck overall. I did't think a manga adaption of lovecrafts novels would be that good at all.


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File: 4681e561-b3e7-4778-88ba-49….png (1.19 MB, 1440x2048, 45:64, 1636924271954.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

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In anime and elsewhere, what makes a girl "best girl"?
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For me "best girl" is simply how emotionally attached to the character you are, along with how much you like them as a whole. While there is much more to it than that, it is the simplest explanation I can give.
[spoiler]Rei best girl[/spoiler]


Keep my wifes name out of your dirty mouth, bitch


What if she's cheating on you with that anon?

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