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Let's discuss cowboy bebop, /a/. What's your opinion of the show? Any favorite characters/favorite scenes? Any questions or things you are confused about?
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I really liked each episode, which felt like a film in its own right. However I too struggled with "getting" the ending. I suppose the problem for me is that the setup/backstory is hinted at and developed subtly rather than shown explicitly. In the end I just didn't have emotional investment in some of the characters and almost felt confused at the end. But I think that's because I'm stupid


You're not stupid just because you didn't understand the series, anon. Don't undermine yourself like that.


Thanks, but don't worry. I'm stupid in some things, and smart in others, like most people. Sadly in watching films/series I'm pretty stupid

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Thread for discussing the show alongside the /mmc/. If you've watched it already, feel free to drop by anyway!
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Lolwut, what are the kids' expressions? It is pretty funny to me for some reason.


Kai left (albeit temporarily) in episode 26 even though in the last episode it was said that if you leave, you die or get arrested for a very long time because of the military secrets they know, yet they let him leave...


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Episode 7 was more interesting than most episodes. The episode starts with a typical hospital scene. The scene was full of old people. They were missing the earth and wanted to land. The scene cuts to the crew doing their daily procedures while Lt. Reed sipped tea angrily pic related. Kai was trollish toward Amuro which, was funny. The old people became uppity about being on a ship so, they kidnapped the kids and Fraw Bow. It was the lamest kidnapping since they had no weapons and, they gave up easily when confronted with guns. The battle then began with Amuro sleeping in his Gundam. Amuro was a bit sloppy but, Char didn't know the Earth Federation's technology. Amuro ended up doing pretty well despite his start. The old people also decided to sit on the ship in protest of being on the ship. Episode 8 was more of a continuation of episode 7. If episode 7 did not exist, I would likely call this filler. The crew decided to evacuate while fighting Zeon. Pretty uncomfy if you ask me. Kai was great in this episode. Kai is immature and, that was a good contrast from how most of the crew acts. There was also a new Gundam in this episode. The fight was pretty easy in this episode because Amuro had help. Rewatching this episode, I just realized Char did not like Garma. That might have been pretty obvious to most watchers but, I somehow did not catch it.

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Cirno is the patron saint of 22chan
>hates frogposters
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Exactly, all I gotta know is that 2+2=22(chan)




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This is one of my favorite anime and probably the one that best represents the 90s era for me. If you haven't seen it, it's on /mmc/ now. It does a remarkable job balancing action with comedy and has a great soundtrack; I'd recommend it to anyone. By the way, have any of you read the manga? I've been meaning to check it out


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We watched episodes 1 and 2 of Trigun on the MMC. So far, it feels that Trigun is more of a lighthearted series, at least for now. Episode 1 reminded me of the Looney Tunes Cartoon Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. Vash came off a bit goofy in episode 1 but, he was surprisingly competent in battle. The dark hair girl really doesn't like Vash. When episode 2 came around Meryl, did not expect Vash to be the bodyguard for the Monopoly man. Episode 2 also shows how over the top Vash is. He tried to peep on the girls and used a stupid excuse. Vash is a bit of a pervert. Later in the episode, Vash had to explain himself and, he found a secret lair. Vash found a girl version of himself and, he is in love with her lole. Does Vash look like Billy Idol by, the way? It is also funny how many mohawks there are in this show. Be sure to tune in with us on cytube.


This show deserves more recognition than what it gets. I haven't seen it in a while but I remember liking the episode with the bank robbery. The setting is also really unique.

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I haven't seen this anime myself, but /mmc/ is watching it now (the 2011 version) and I'm excited to see how it develops. I'd be glad to hear the opinions of anyone who has watched it before, including what you think sets it apart from similar anime.

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Anime wallpaper thread
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pretty landscape, do you know where it's from?


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Gurren Lagann



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I'm pissed he shouldn't have died I'm not going to finish the series because of this.
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Its not the end of the world but the series was way worse after that point


I liked all of Death Note. I don't understand why people hate on the second half.

[spoiler]Near never would have captured Light without the mountains of info L gathered on him. L assists him and Mello from beyond the grave in capturing Light. L set the whole thing up for them to continue. Why do you think Ls visage stands over Light as he dies? It's not that L was a bad detective, it's that Light was a cunning and ruthless opponent and that's ultimately why he beat L. Light cut corners L wasn't willing to.[/spoiler]


that's what I did, the show goes downhill spectacularly from this point

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Think of this as a book club
It can be for anime/manga new or oldfags
Stuff you read or watched recently or in the past
I posted these on livechan, but i figured i might as well post them here!
Both of these where stories made by anons on 2channel, then was adapted word for word into mangas
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You might like Ergo Proxy. It's a Cyberpunk anime by Dai Satō


I agree. Dispite being unfinished, It was quite lovely.


Thoughts on akira?
Read volume one and two and i was supprised bcause dispite being fast paced, it had decent characterization. I fealt sorry for tetsuo (even though he was a dick) because of his power being gained by accident. The military aspect was nice because dispite being scummy they still tried to be moral and it was an interesting contrast between the protagonist, Kaneda being an amoral jackass.

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why do three movies when you can sell millions in three days? can someone explain?


Elaborate? I'm confused on what you mean by this, it's such a vague question.


I think it's the same anon who was shitting up /i/ with his "how 2 write manga?" threads. He seems... special.

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Lets discuss the the english dub of the ghost stories anime. I'm sure this will be a normal yet horrifying anime with a well thought out story about kids saving the world from paranormal threats, surely this isn't going to go down hill at all!
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They claimed that Gakkou no Kaidan did poorly in Japan. This just isn't true. It's re-aired multiple times, has a significant amount of fanart on pixiv, ranks highly on Japanese anime rating sites and even had good contemporary ratings, roughly comparable to the One Piece anime. Frankly, it seems like they just had no idea how to market an honest, straightforward dub of a show about youkai. Level-5 would later run into this same problem with Youkai Watch, trying to internationally market a show about Japanese folklore, but at least they actually tried with that instead of the worst kind of wannabe MST3K comedy.


Ah i see what they did, so those bastards lied and disrespected the original anime and the creators intent by doing a localization/comedy dub and used the cheap excuse of it flopping in japan and that americans are too stupid to onderstand what a yokai is just so they could make a quick buck. From what i've seen after poking around, you just might be right since the excuse that was made is generally copy-pasted, and there's no real statistics on if it flopped in japan or not. Not only that but yes, tons of japanese fan art.


Pretty much. I don't know why they lied about it exactly, but I hate the commonly established narrative of it a lot. Especially since most of the jokes are really topical and don't age well.

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What anime are you watching
Laid-Back camp,
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Black Clover

I really like it. I've not watched a good long-running shounen for at least 5 or 6+ years. I've really been sleeping on it but so far it's really good. I might even start reading the manga.


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I watched this anime called Flying Witch, only because I randomly stumbled upon the Wikipedia article for it so I thought "What the hell" and torrented it. It was nice, very cozy vibes.


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based durian

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will this and gakuen datenroku gets animated

i think they both should be a mix of sorts given each of their trope


Huh, so it's a slice of life spin-off of evangelion? I honestly haven't heard of this before.



also its not a spin off just fanfart since its not owned by gainax i guess

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because for whatever reason there isn't one up. It's time to settle the fact that 22chan is an Asukafag website.
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The heat suit was retarded because it only protected her body and not her head
I gotta say that moment was intence, wouldnt want to be stuck inside a volcano like that
[spoiler]lol best flash[/spoiler]


It broke my suspension of disbelief that the lava was translucent instead of completely opaque


If i had to choose an episode i liked the most, it would have to be the one about the unmanned EVA that went rouge
Also, did anyone see those Rebuild of Evangelion film series yet?

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hewo, i wanna write manga but i donno how to write the story especially how character should talk in a manga
maybe i think of the ending too fast

how should i keep the book readable at least
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basically simpler than archetypes and fan materials and just place the text nicely and make sure it "make sense"

like here, writing line 1 to 9 and making sure each lines are correct, in a sense. i know it should be as easy as talkkng but im kinda lost tryinf to "have fun with it"

can u help me play with it


It's actually good to know the beginning and the ending of your story, the next step is filling in that blank area between the beginning and ending in a way that makes sense depending on what genre your going for


i know the genre but finding the exsct contents for the blanks is the problem

i cant just cut and paste

also i dont know how to pace it.

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Keep the room well lit while posting on this thread. Keep your distance from the computer.
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Yeah, like the other guy mentioned, mostly character portrayals. Big one that comes to mind for me is Black Shadow is very intimidating and cool in the anime whereas he's a punkish cowardly second-in-command in GX. In general it's explicitly a different setting, since a couple of the GBA games follow the anime's scenario while one other one follows from the original F-Zero -> X - GX one.


> they didn't like octoman or zoda
On that note one of my favourite episodes is Octoman's highlight episode. There's a gag where they parody Legend of the Galactic Heroes and show that his ship is held up by a little string like in old tokusatsu films. It's so funny.


all of the octo-people's ship have the same affect and i love it

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