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Keep the room well lit while posting on this thread. Keep your distance from the computer.
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Yeah, like the other guy mentioned, mostly character portrayals. Big one that comes to mind for me is Black Shadow is very intimidating and cool in the anime whereas he's a punkish cowardly second-in-command in GX. In general it's explicitly a different setting, since a couple of the GBA games follow the anime's scenario while one other one follows from the original F-Zero -> X - GX one.


> they didn't like octoman or zoda
On that note one of my favourite episodes is Octoman's highlight episode. There's a gag where they parody Legend of the Galactic Heroes and show that his ship is held up by a little string like in old tokusatsu films. It's so funny.


all of the octo-people's ship have the same affect and i love it

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Lets discuss the the english dub of the ghost stories anime. I'm sure this will be a normal yet horrifying anime with a well thought out story about kids saving the world from paranormal threats, surely this isn't going to go down hill at all!
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The ending sucked but honestly i don't know what i expected from a comedy dub. It was all about the good stuff in the middle and because it was a comedy dub that mostly ignored the shitty plot of the original, it doesn't have any real substance to it besides the comedy. Enoyed it while it lasted though lol.


I hate the dub and the stupid myth surrounding it thanks to the localizer lying about it.


Elaborate, i'm curious about your perspective about this.
They lied?

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because for whatever reason there isn't one up. It's time to settle the fact that 22chan is an Asukafag website.
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The heat suit was retarded because it only protected her body and not her head
I gotta say that moment was intence, wouldnt want to be stuck inside a volcano like that
[spoiler]lol best flash[/spoiler]


It broke my suspension of disbelief that the lava was translucent instead of completely opaque

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Let's discuss cowboy bebop, /a/. What's your opinion of the show? Any favorite characters/favorite scenes? Any questions or things you are confused about?

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Post your favorite animu girl
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not taking it as far as you, but i genuinely felt bad for her the whole time, she deserved far better


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I aswell

This is my waifu Nanase Kurumi. I also feel legitimate love.


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God is here.

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Thread for Watanabe's episodic samurai follow-up to Cowboy Bebop. Discussion in tandem with /mmc/ is encouraged, but feel free to throw out your favorite parts if you've seen it before. Personally, I love the baseball episode; you guys are in for a treat when that comes up.
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The animation (much like cowboy beebop) is quite well done, along with the music. The voice acting for the english dub is swell too.


so Jin killed his master? interesting, i wonder what it takes for a person to do such a thing. He seems like he has such a strong code of honor so i'm guessing it wasn't intentional.


Episode 11 was an interesting yet romantic arc for jin, i'm glad he found love.

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Rozen Maiden thread for shitposting and discussing episodes alongside /mmc/ desu
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i just realised there are only two series for rozen maiden left, and both aren't really seasons, more like shorts. hopfully the manga has a better ending or maybe peach pit will make another anime to finish the story?


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pic related


i like the voice actor that they have that makes cat noises, its terrible acting but i love it
Also, Ouvertüre was masterfully crafted, i understand everything now and i kinda agree with Suigintou after learnin how and why she became a psycho.

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science can't explain it
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she got the kitty!


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I've seriously enjoyed this show, and once it was over i was left a bit heartbroken. I figured i'd find what ever other azumanga related content out there to feel a bit better, i even went as far as to listen to the english dub.
They had made (in secret, then later released in several albums) two diffrent "character songs", One they played on yomi's radio, and the other was sung by sakaki during karioke night. They later made songs for diffrent characters, one "fun" song, and another more character psychology related, like sakaki's "The heart is a girl's parachute" is about her being all quiet, and her opening up and showing her true self. Sung by each perspective characters voice actors, (japan only) but the english dub went as far as to have a translated version of yomi's and sakaki's songs sung in english by their voice actors. Very cute. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCZ6ZpZMB-VV9jbJhQHmiS8IoMejO87XJ
The azumanga soundtrack has the full version of the opening and closing song. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Vf9Lvifxwk4
The music was fun and vibrant, the recorders where a nice touch. The sound affects really made a diffrence too. The english sub and dub are virtually the same, both have great voice actors, but the the dub has minor changes. They dont really explan the japanese in-jokes like the sub does, and instead of an english class, it's spanish, and french. Hell was changed to heck too, and the "OH MAI GAH" moment has osaka telling Father cat that he >"kinda looks like bill clinton"
The diffrent between the anime and manga is pretty interesting, around 2009 they added an extra 6 chapters (called Supplementary Lessons) that adds more content and explains things. The anime cut out some content and kept others, whislt srambling some stuff around, like some "third year" stuff happening around second and soforth. karoin also stays a lot longer and has a bigger role then the manga where she just leaves to a diffrent school never to return. Did anyon watch the thing at the end of each episode? It was a meta commentary by the characters talking about how the episode went, and giving a sneak peak of the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Gib me your lolis
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Pictured is CAT army harassing schoolgirls


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CAT has been apprehended

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Nichijou thread
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Mio always best girl.
Whoever disagrees can suck a nigger's dick.


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nano is objectively the best.


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What anime are you watching
Laid-Back camp,
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Vinland Saga. The characters are all really compelling and I dig the period-accurate weapons and armor. If I could change one thing it would be to tone down the fights. A single sword swing can not chop someone in half vertically. But it's an anime so whatever.


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Oregairu S3 and 12 Kingdoms. After that I'll probably move on to some of the stuff in my backlog or rewatch something I haven't seen in years (Haruhi most likely).
Truly a masterpiece, though after I finished it I couldn't watch anything else for quite a while. Nothing seemed to come close to the narrative heights that LOGH had. Did you anons have a similar experience?


It was a cute series, in a way it was wholesome seeing tomoko making friends who like her for who she was as a person, and stuff like them coming to her for interesting manga recs

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Think of this as a book club
It can be for anime/manga new or oldfags
Stuff you read or watched recently or in the past
I posted these on livechan, but i figured i might as well post them here!
Both of these where stories made by anons on 2channel, then was adapted word for word into mangas
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I discovered bunch of neat manga recently. The first one is called Nyankees. its a nice light hearted take on a classic delinquent action romp but with the main characters being cats adding some extra comedy if needed from the reminder. This i would reccomend if you enjoy a sort of deconstruction of delinquent action manga but want a bit more comedy and cats. 7/10

The second one is a wonderful wholesome manga about a cockroach that wants to make friends with humans, it kept me reading with the new situations and advancements that occurred whether this be via new characters or a changing dynamic it always managed to keep it fresh which is surprising as its a slice of life. over all nice and wholesome 8.5/10

and last but not least a nice action comedy story with kaiju no. 8 this one is more focused on the action side but still allows for some comedy to help brighten the mood every now and again. the monster designs in this are really nice and the surprise color pages are always a wonderful treat and are used sparingly enough that they make a nice impact when used.


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enjoyed azumanga. fun story with cute characters and a good sense of humor. wonder why ayumu had a southern accent lol? pic unrelated


You might like Ergo Proxy. It's a Cyberpunk anime by Dai Satō

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When you've seen all the classics, it's hard to find anything else that really feels worthwhile. I find myself watching mediocre anime more often than not, and I'm sure many of you are in the same boat. That's why I've made this thread. We can share anime that we consider obscure enough to be overlooked easily, yet good enough that you'd be glad not to miss it. Note that these don't have to be totally out of the way, nor do they have to be complete masterpieces; just anything you think more people could stand to watch. I'll do a few write-ups to start us off:
>Aria the Animation
Fairly popular in some circles, but it doesn't seem to get talked about much. It's a very genuine portrayal of a beautiful, perfect world that makes me happy whenever I watch it. It's at least as good as K-On, so check it out if you liked that series.
Action with light science fiction and elements of mafia drama. The pacing is surprisingly subdued considering how absurd the fight scenes can get. The story takes place over many years and uses this to develop the characters impressively well towards a compelling conclusion. Not for people who want to take the whole thing seriously, but good if you think Shadow the Hedgehog was pretty cool.
Directed by Tomino in between Gundam and Zeta Gundam, among other things (making it not all that obscure, really). It's a mecha series, as one might expect, but it's more comedic than most of what Tomino is known for. His knack for character design shines here.

I might do more of these later, but that should do for the moment. Let me know if these aren't obscure enough, and of course, leave your own recommendations if you please.
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>Space Brothers
Excellently constructed anime that combines a heartwarming story with delightful comedy, using realistic characters to show the audience just how difficult it is to become an astronaut.

Honestly not underrated, just has been forgotten over the years.


Hey everybody, I just saw another good one so I'll give it a write-up.
>Angel Cop
An OVA from the 80s, in many ways a period piece. It's violent and gory, with lots of futuristic stuff and a plot about international conspiracy. Straight out of a comic book!


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Gungrave is so good, the PS2 game is really fun too but criminally short.

Wicked City is a 1987 anime film where demons secretly coexist among humans and a police force that keeps the boundary between them. If you like cheesy horror movies you'll love it. It has some cool animation and monster scenes.

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What's your favorite sports anime or manga /a/? Eyeshield 21 here
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Slam Dunk is one of those classics of sports anime. You always hear about it and wonder if it actually is the best thing since sliced bread. Well, it isn't. But it is funny and entertaining and worthwhile if you have the patience for it.

Imagine GTO in high school and determined to learn how to play basketball to get closer to the girl he has a crush on -- tah-dah, Slam Dunk! The story has the expected sort of "learn a skill, show a skill" repetitive story line common to a lot of sports and shounen animes, but it's punched up by a little delinquency, a little reformation, and a tiny bit of one-sided romance. The one real downside to the story is the occasional trips into a DBZ/Naruto-esque timefreeze: sometimes one basketball game takes, like, 3 episodes and you wonder how it's possible that only 2 minutes anime-time have gone by in the last 20 real-time. ;)

The art is a little rough sometimes, kind of typical for the time period. There's a lot of panning across stills and repetitive looks at the same image. It can be a little annoying, but I kept on reminding myself when it was made (1993-1996!) and I got over it. The one thing that I noticed the most was probably the fact that the key on their court looks different from a real key in a NBA or Olympic court, but I decided to stop thinking about it a few episodes in.

The character of the main character is what makes the whole thing entertaining, I think. He is brash, tactless, rough and stupid -- and, for some odd reason, really funny. Even when he gets on my nerves, he does something random and ridiculous and retarded, and it just ends up cracking me up. He's always calling himself a genius (when he doesn't know how to do anything) and laughing in this obnoxious, cocky manner and making awful mistakes, but he's somehow loveable anyway and you end up rooting for him because he's just that charismatic. The thing that's really nice about him is just how flawed he is... he's got natural athleticism, but he's far from being a natural on the basketball court and he's loyal, strong, and dedicated, but he's also impatient and hot-tempered and loud. And he's really nicely backed up by a team of interesting, diverse guys who each (eventually) get their time in the limelight and each have their own personal struggles to overcome while striving to work together as a team.

Overall, I enjoyed watching Slam Dunk -- despite the really slow pacing of some of the actualPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


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I don't really watch sports anime, but I like Hajime no Ippo
but I don't like how the MC wins every single match, it gets predictablega8ny

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Which one do you like better? I love both, but I like Rozen Maiden a little bit more
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At the based department


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Rozen Maiden manga > Touhou > Rozen Maiden anime


Touhou for the win

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