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Yo, /mu/.
I was listening to some music by some dude called Sewerslvt, I'm really digging his shit.
Here's some of his music:
I've been looking for more music like this. Would this be considered something like lolicore or breakcore? Maybe dark dnb?
Feel free to post more stuff like this in the thread.
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Very energetic


People call it breakcore but it's not. It's atmospheric dnb. Breakcore is less repetitive, more noisy and often in odd time signatures.
You might like this

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The purpose of this thread is to share music. I will try to post daily and encourage you to do the same, but you don't have to, if you just want to post a song or two every once in a while that's fine too
Today's song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrVjmIKWMmo
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This shit honestly fucking SLAPS.


the best part is when the cat is introduced

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A thread for music from the southern U.S., from the 1800s up until the 1960s, give or take. Negro music, work songs, gospel songs, religious hymns, ragtime and early blues. Old-time Appalachian and mountain music are also welcome.

This music interests me a lot for many reasons. There is so much emotion in this music, the raw and unfiltered aesthetic really resonates with me. These were real people with real problems and they dealt with these problems through their music. Some of the religious recordings, especially from the black churches, feel hypnotic. It's like the music puts you in a trance.
Another thing is the mystery that surrounds many of these songs. Most, if not all, of these performers weren't performers in the professional sense. Most of them were farmers, countrymen, laborers or workhands. Just everyday normal people like you and I. Many of these would have faded into obscurity if not for the likes of Alan Lomax and his father, who set out to record this music in the early 20th century. Even so, little is known about a lot of these musicians and some may never be identified.
Here are some of my favorites:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS28-5G8SfE (Warning: There's a loud, split-second burst of static at 6:57, probably a recording error.)








https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Qmn77A8OykPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Those songs area really great. I've never heard about the New Lost City Ramblers before.


jericho is pretty damn good

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'Tis the season, anon. Post your favorite Christmas tunes.

A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector is a great classic Christmas album. Spector produced a bunch of classic Christmas songs with his Wall of Sound method. It sounds very powerful. My favorite off it is Frosty the Snowman by The Ronettes.

MF Doom and producer Cookin Soul made a Christmas mixtape a few years ago. This is honestly one of my favorite Christmas records, it succeeds in sounding different enough to be its own thing while retaining that Christmas spirit classic Christmas records have.

This is a really corny heavy metal/hard rock Christmas album I used to listen to a lot over the holidays when I was a teenager.

Eazy-E dishes out the most nigger Christmas song ever.

A bunch of rappers deliver some quality Christmas bars.

Kanye made a Christmas song.

R.A. The Rugged Man once made the funniest Christmas song ever.

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can anyone show me how they practice music

im impressed by the likes of animenz but finds basic prsctices kind of, impossible and numbing so i wonder if it was sort of advanced technique than not

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This thread is to share and discuss non-conventional music. Music that most people wouldn't call music
Here's a few discussion points to start conversation:
>1. How about we start by discussing what is music in the first place?
Imo it's sound. Like, literally any sound is music. Even audiobooks
>2. Does "non"-music have any value?
Yes, because in my opinion it "expands our horizons" on what music can be. I think having preconceived notions of what music has to be is a very awful and limiting thing, and having these subjectively bizarre takes on it might help pushing away these walls that would otherwise weight on less "weird" musicians
>3. Do you listen to it? If so, how is it different from listening to more typical music?
I sometimes listen to noise, to drown out other sounds I don't like, otherwise I rarely listen to this type of music more than once. But sometimes I might feel like listening to something weird, to experience something new

Here's some stuff I'm aware of:
Noise, the obvious
The opposite
free jazz
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When I think of unconventional music, Swans are always the first band that comes to mind.

Daughters as well, very interesting band.

Death Grips, of course!
(This song makes me feel like I could strangle a bull.)

Charles Manson's music, along with The Manson Family Recordings, are very unique tunes. I showed the song "Ride Away" to a friend and he said it was the worst song he's ever heard lol.

Stalaggh/Gulaggh are a terrifying mammoth of uncomfortable noises. Not much is known about them; apparently they're a Dutch/Belgian collective of musicians(?) that have recorded a handful of albums. They incorporate the screams of mental patients and "damaged" women/children in their work, layering it over noise and instrumentation. It's hard to verify all of this but I think the music speaks for itself.


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Whitehouse is a good place to start for power electronics and noise. Another artist group is Consumer Electronics.


100 gecs are a pretty unconventional band. They kinda sound like if Skrillex and Basshunter stayed up for two weeks doing crack and then recorded an album. It's total zoomer shit and one of the singers is a tranny but I cannot lie, for these beats fucking slap.

Dylan Brady, the producer, makes music on his own as well. I think some of them are very good.

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Links to bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube or whatever you use
Also give feedback
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ew i didn't know Tasmanians were even allowed to use the internet, havnt you got a relative you could be having intercourse with (imagine not even living on the mainland lmao)


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All music of /mu/ compiled into a playlist for you to listen to
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I autistically went back through all the tracks one by one to find one of the ones I posted, took me about 30 minutes. Found a couple of bangers while channel surfing


Nothing but decent music back to back
i love it


Only issue ive had so far is the stupid youtube stuff like "video not avalible" or "DMCA blocks this in your country" but its still amazing

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Post songs you could consider "2000s-core". Shit like Linkin Park, Hoobstabank, The Fray, Evanesence, any edgy old things you can find.

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For me this song echoes memories of school dances. Flashing lights, the whole place smells like sweat and too much cologne as teenagers dance to the beat with not a care in the world, their only worries homework and high school drama.


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ITT I will post my favorite songs occasionally. Kinda like a playlist :) enjoy the ride

First one:
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reminds me of vaporwave
good stuff, the anime is also kewl



radiohead is the best

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Imagine not being fucking rad, I didn't find a eurobeat thread in our /mu/ We need this thread now.

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I seriously dont mind it playing on repeat, it's so zen.



This track from Shadow of Chernobyl is short but very good.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NemUDI9N-I This album.. one of my favorite thrash albums of all time really. It brings me back to the days when all I did was just listen to thrash in my room and watch anime. Those days were kind of sad but they were nice too.

General metal thread btw.
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This Saturday will be the 10th anniversary of Ronnie James Dio's death. Is there anything 22chan can do to celebrate his music? Perhaps a cytube stream for some of his albums.


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Incipit Satan by Gorgoroth is such a good album. One of my favorite metal albums of all time. It really feels like what black metal is supposed to be, threatening music. The songs on this album are so powerful. It really feels like the soundtrack to the worlds destruction.


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This is a great album, very obscure band. It's a past band of Tobias Forge, better known today as Papa Emeritus or frontman of the band Ghost. If you like rock/metal with nice vocals then you should definitely check this album out.

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ITT some songs are popular because they are good and, sometimes, there are songs that you have no clue why the masses love. In this thread, we are going to talk about songs you hate that everyone else loves. The song doesn't have to hit song necessarily. I'll start.
"Love Bites" by Def Leppard is one of the worst examples of a forced power ballad from the 80s for many reasons. One obvious reason is that Hysteria is one of the worst albums of all time. Songs like "Love Bite" showed that Def Leppard sold out. Instead of appealing to the hard rockers of the time like they did with Pyromania, Def Leppard decided to appeal to people who are fans of pop. This is a really bad match for their singer Joe Elliot because frankly is not that great of a singer. Joe relies heavily on studio magic and, it shows when he sings along in the song. In "Love Bites," Elliot tries to be thoughtful and sensitive but, he only comes across as cheesy. He almost sounds like he is crying it is pathetic that this song was a number 1 hit song. The band doesn't play anything noteworthy and, the singer is intolerable. Most people love this song and the album Hysteria, while I couldn't hate the song and album more.
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Hipsters must be retarded because Coldplay has sold tens of millions of records.
Imagine Dragons is the blandest band I've ever heard. The sales figures for this song scared me.


I honestly think normies just listen to what the media tells them to listen to.


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I've always hated the song "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye. It was yet another hipster garbage track that managed to hit it big in the early 2010s. Just look at the stupid album art. What exactly is great about the song? The lyrics are dopey and bewildered about the breakup. It is pathetic. The vocals and instrumentally are nothing to write home about. It managed to be certified 14x platinum in America alone.

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