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Post songs you could consider "2000s-core". Shit like Linkin Park, Hoobstabank, The Fray, Evanesence, any edgy old things you can find.

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straight up from the year 2000, was listening to it because i can relate to the song far too often on certain days and this is another one of them


Man, I remember a lot of these songs really sucking back in the day when they came out, but compared to the absolute irredeemable dogshid that is today's mainstream pop, some of these are songs okay.



Black Eyed Peas are so bad but they tickle that special nostalgia part of my brain.

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The purpose of this thread is to share music. I will try to post daily and encourage you to do the same, but you don't have to, if you just want to post a song or two every once in a while that's fine too
Today's song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrVjmIKWMmo
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A friend showed me this song. Gravy's voice is addicting.

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Post music with supposedly paranormal origins.
>some wackjob claims to have taken a trip to an alternate dimension where the Beatles never broke up. He managed to snag a tape of a Beatles album called "Everyday Chemistry" before he returned to this dimension. It's clearly bullshit, the songs are obviously just remixes of songs from their solo careers. But it's still pretty neat to listen to, definitely worthwhile for any Beatles fan.


Less "haunted" more spooky.
Notice the flames surrounding the band? After making the album, they died together in a plane crash.

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Where do you guys listen to/download /mu/sic



bonus points if they are unblocked in peoples workplaces and schools
(pic unrelated)
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This is a great site to discover all kinds of metal music. You have to create an account to download anything but a throwaway email works fine.


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Rarely Apple Music



Stream: Youtube, Spotify
DL: Soulseek still works after all these years. there's also Deezloader, or sites similar to it like https://free-mp3-download.net/

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All in the title. Post the most absurdly, hilariously bad album covers you've ever had the misfortune of encountering.
>inb4 virgin killer
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You knew this one was coming.


advanced cgi technology!
i'm actually unsure whats even happening, why is there a wolf?


Well, the band hired a CGI artist to make the cover art and then in a moment of retardation decided to use an unfinished version as the albums cover.

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This thread is to share and discuss non-conventional music. Music that most people wouldn't call music
Here's a few discussion points to start conversation:
>1. How about we start by discussing what is music in the first place?
Imo it's sound. Like, literally any sound is music. Even audiobooks
>2. Does "non"-music have any value?
Yes, because in my opinion it "expands our horizons" on what music can be. I think having preconceived notions of what music has to be is a very awful and limiting thing, and having these subjectively bizarre takes on it might help pushing away these walls that would otherwise weight on less "weird" musicians
>3. Do you listen to it? If so, how is it different from listening to more typical music?
I sometimes listen to noise, to drown out other sounds I don't like, otherwise I rarely listen to this type of music more than once. But sometimes I might feel like listening to something weird, to experience something new

Here's some stuff I'm aware of:
Noise, the obvious
The opposite
free jazz
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When I think of unconventional music, Swans are always the first band that comes to mind.

Daughters as well, very interesting band.

Death Grips, of course!
(This song makes me feel like I could strangle a bull.)

Charles Manson's music, along with The Manson Family Recordings, are very unique tunes. I showed the song "Ride Away" to a friend and he said it was the worst song he's ever heard lol.

Stalaggh/Gulaggh are a terrifying mammoth of uncomfortable noises. Not much is known about them; apparently they're a Dutch/Belgian collective of musicians(?) that have recorded a handful of albums. They incorporate the screams of mental patients and "damaged" women/children in their work, layering it over noise and instrumentation. It's hard to verify all of this but I think the music speaks for itself.
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Post obscure music
If it has a vid on youtube it needs to be < 10.000 views
Bonus points if < 1000

Let me start:
Instrumental hip hop
prog rock?
"psycho-acoustic clarinet"
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I've never seen anyone else mention this band, online or IRL. Their Dyatlov Pass Incident EP is hands down one of the best black metal releases I've ever heard.

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That first one is really great.



I dig the first one, the second is a bit too avant garde for me

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Recently found the grand turismo 4 soundtrack and I like it quite a bit, even if I haven't played the game
I found it because of a youtuber using this as background music:


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The lisa games have such incredible and unique osts
This one is a phase two of a final boss for a chapter
normally for games its intense and builds up tension
but this song doesn't it just is in your face and joking around
its excellent.
and notice how it says version this is how each individual enemy has a different speed or pitch of the same song.
compare the second phase battle music which is far harder to beat in gameplay wise to the first stage.
the first stage is far far slower and has a very different atmosphere, it sounds more controlled and level headed.

hope you guys enjoyed my paragraph about a games ost


put's a chill down my spine

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>find cool new chan with appreciation for cyberpunk, the fight for internet anonymity, extermination of bots, stuff like that
>see it has a music board
>everybody's just masturbating to Ariana Grande
>the ones that aren't calling Grande their "queen" are raving over other female "musicians" that are 83% silicone
>obviously value appearance over music
Made me kinda sad. Anyways, post cyberpunk-inspired music.

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Also if you think hard enough, https://youtube.com/watch?v=4fWyzwo1xg0
kinda cyberpunky unless i'm stupid lol


Damn, the guy closed channel and moved to a new one
Here's a re-upload of the song. https://youtube.com/watch?v=0Zsy_8Jm7qg He makes pretty good music


>Also if you think hard enough, https://youtube.com/watch?v=4fWyzwo1xg0 [Close] kinda cyberpunky unless i'm stupid lol
No, I kinda get what you are saying. It's not exactly cyberpunk in the style of music, but it really is in the lyrics. The imagery of cold, rainy, streets with neon lights, and themes of sadness and isolation, etc really fit the themes of Cyberpunk.

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Yo, /mu/.
I was listening to some music by some dude called Sewerslvt, I'm really digging his shit.
Here's some of his music:
I've been looking for more music like this. Would this be considered something like lolicore or breakcore? Maybe dark dnb?
Feel free to post more stuff like this in the thread.
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^Wow so edgy dude.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8SyrdN22Mc Depressive Breakcore appears to be the best term for it.




Very energetic

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What are yalls favorite grindcore bands? For me are these bands.



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Post your Topsters. recommend other albums, guess personalities, whatever. Have fun.
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Thanks twoot, i've been listening to these non-stop now, and i should probably check out his other work. I cant really discribe what i like about about these, the only two words are "vibrant" and "relaxing" and the psychadelic music videos are a nice touch. Perhaps i'm reminded of old gameboy music? Keith seems to be the one i like more out of the bunch because of the somber vibes it gets off.

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I haven't seen a thread for this, so I figured out I could make one.
Post your favorite lyrics! Feel free to explain why they're meaningful to you.


Usually I tend to focus more on the music rather than the lyrics, however for the album "England made me" by black box recorder it was different. Some lines really hit me, here I'll mention a few that come to mind
In any case I really recommend to listen to the song to really feel the lyrics
>I trapped a spider underneath a glass
>I kept it for a week, to see how long it'd last
>He stared right back at me, he fought that he could win
>We play a waiting game, he fought that I'd give in
>England made me
Something about this really touches me. With the music this becomes a very memorable and strong image. I'm afraid I struggle to describe it further... The second verse and third verse are alright, but not as hard hitting to me personally
>Life is unfair
>Kill yourself, or get over it
Well! This is obviously pretty provocative, but I think the message behind it is positive: one should learn to accept life and how things are rather than keep dwelling on the negatives. Actually this idea (specifically, and more in general) is very meaningful to me, because often I get stuck and can't "get over it". Yet not taking the decision between living and leaving only brings misery. I think this line is very bold and effective, it's the one that caught my attention to this album and I'm happy it did because I really like it
>If I set fire to you now
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I like black box recorder a lot. The first song you linked it's beautiful, truly. And, alright, I'll link some songs.

>Haven't had a dream in a long time
>See, the life I've had
>Can make a good man bad
>So for once in my life
>Let me get what I want
>Lord knows, it would be the first time

>Well I've lost it all, I'm just a silhouette
>I'm a lifeless face that you'll soon forget
>And my eyes are damp from the words you left
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