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Post in this thread every time you check 22chan and can't think of a worthwhile thing to post!
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I've lost all control of my life.




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im high lol

You rolled the number 579509128 (no dubs or higher)


James bond


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I've been to a museum today and I've made a few photos, I'll post them here
Feel free to join in if you got any good old greek stuff too
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Ducks are pretty popular lately, but what about pigeons?


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Wait Twoot am I fucking with your bandwidth? Sorryyy!
I'll post this last one (the others I have left aren't good anyway)
"Aaaaargh nobody told me life was gonna be like this"


Nah man, all good :D


Thanks for these, anon!


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How does it work? Like do you have a limit on how much data travels from/to the server per month/day/instant or what?
If it's not an issue I can post some more (Been to another museum)
You're welcome! Btw check 'em

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Not sure anyone remembers me tbh I made a brief appearance here but had to leave due to personal problems but I am all better now and I look forward to talking to yall.


'sup, it's been a while


welcome back tripfag


yeah, i remember you,welcome back!

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The main goal of this thread is to spread awareness about prepping, clear up any misconceptions normies tend to spread, any usefull books, any projects your working on, etc. if everyone likes this idea, i'll probably post similar threads (unless somebody else wants too.) on diffrent boards, like on /sg, the conversation would be centered around technology in relations to prepping.

You rolled the number 167825912 (no dubs or higher)


Where i live, there was a terrible hurricane. Catagory 5. Only people in my neighborhood that made it out ok was the preppers that live a couple blocks down.>>3122


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always be prepared to defend yourself

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It's game over boys, its game fucking over. The panda is going down for good, what will we do, where will we go?


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Wait, by panda you don't mean...
No, no, no...


So uhhh-

Explain what happen?


I heard it’s being shut down in a few hours. So you faggots better start archiving shit.


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Sad panda is rip, all the loli.....lost forever

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Petition to use

duckspeed instead of godspeed
quack as duck instead of fast as fuck
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also, id just like to say that i was hoping that this image was a duck with a transparent background, but it appeared to be a image of not-of-transparent background.
I myself have fallen for a ruse image.
And the way that duck is fat and looks smug is just added insult to my own persona.
God damn you, i've been duckrused.




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twoot as a kid


damn how did you get that childhood photo of me


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Hehe duckspeed, pic related

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Damn, it feels good to have a penis.
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Yes, being a man has it's downsides. But on the bright side, you get a penis.


True, at least i dont have to bleed every month


At least your not emotional to the point of being delusional and thinking you oppressed and being the majority of the voters. These oppressed people can be seen as stunning and brave when they lie through their teeth. Even after being exposed as liars they are still stunning and brave because these people are oppressed.


This all day long every single day until I draw my last breath. And it's even worse now days because they can make mad money by just being a "gamer girl" or camslut in the comfort of their home never having to go out and do anything.


Hey guys I'm glad we're on the subject of penises because I was wondering why Doctors prescribe SSRIs to treat depression caused by limp penis, when SSRIs cause ED? Asking for a friend. My dick is huge, I smash all the puss, etc.

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>25th of july
Its my birthday today /b/ros :D
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Happy birthday!


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Happy birthday Twoot


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Happy birthday
I don't know how to bake a cake then have an ice-cream

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I took on a photography job over the weekend. I guess that got me out of the house and doing something.
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It was for a wedding.
Granted you will even see this reply since it's literally been about two months now since I've been in this thread.


We're all still here, anon.
i'm this guy here >>2273 , also from 2 months ago


Haha, nice. That's good though. This place still seems rather comfy as I don't have the time to really spare to sit on here every single day. How's things been with you? Anything else interesting going on lately? Still busy with work?


Completely the opposite my man, been chilling and doing nothing for about a month.
During my free time i've continued on learning how to draw and other relaxing things.
Also yes, this is one of the comfiest chans out there.


I'd like to get back into art myself. I've been personally interested in painting and finding a nice spot to set up a canvas on a nice day. But this Summer has been ridiculously hot and the days it's not too hot it has to rain. So I've barely been able to really enjoy it.

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When do you all start using the internet more regularly than normal people?

If it applies to any of you, when did you realize that your internet usage became a hobby/addiction
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ok, genghis.


Khan Academy is fucking based.


>when did online stop turning into a hobby for me and turned into a addiction
when i learned how to open a tab on internet explorer


I started using the internet especially after I went into high school (secondary school) because at the time I lost all my previous friends due to transferring to a different school.


My addiction to the internet started once I came across Newgrounds after 9/11.

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What are some pictures that invoke nostalgia in you /b/?
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I remember playing this game so much as a kid. Not understanding the weaponsmiths or farming, so I just used Arabian mercenaries and apple orchards to fight The Rat over and over again.
Those were better times


holy shit someone with nostalgia for the same game as me


Thanks anon, I'll never watch Uncle Buck the same way again.


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Hot and Spicy

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Looking through the old stuff thread, I noticed people used namefag and tripfag a lot. And maybe that's good! Being anonymous is good but when it comes to actual conversation, having some kind of alias is usually good to know who you're talking to and all. And when everyone is Anonymous it feels that Anonymous is less of that speacial thing that make these image boards what they are.
I'm not saying don't be Anonymous, I'm just saying please don't turn him into the bland porn addicted template of 4chan/b/ (and so far we've been great at that!).
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You rolled the number 760336890 (no dubs or higher)


File: x8ozrsgjtaydhk2q66dt.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.56 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1559027052673.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Fuck off namfag


>don't turn him into the bland porn addicted template of 4chan/b/
But porn is forbidden here, why are you even bringing this up?


pretty sure it comes from m00t forcing anon on nu-/b/ after a few annoying tripfaggots ruined it for everyone.


Eventually all of those shitposting days leaves and mentally one grows up. Or at least in my case they did once I turned 27 years old. Now I'm sitting here in my early 30s appreciating smaller imageboards and being able to keep my anonymity. Not trying to be edgy whatsoever anymore.

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Lime jello is objectively the best jello. Anyone who disagrees can fite me irl
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Anon, get your self Jello.


Make sure it's lime, or your pp will never work again


Also, make sure it’s low in HFCS or any other artificial sugars.


Speaking of jello, has anyone ever tried putting a layer of jello over custard? It's tasty as hell, bonus points for starting with raw thin biscuits.


I think that as a species humans underestimate the potential applications of jello technology.
>Mix gelatin with your favorite soda
>Fill a kiddie pool with jello
>Use water that you boiled potatoes in to make a healthy snack. Better than mashed!
>snort gelatin until your piss comes out as a solid, jiggling string
The sky is the limit.

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is it just me or /sewers/ is invading /b/
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no, you shut your mouth, namefag


Fuck off, avatarfag.


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make me


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Why tho ?


File: 1316899515200.jpg (53.96 KB, 500x373, 500:373, 1563653895657.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

because this is the internet!

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Well, Well... This is our new and fresh OC
Just a regular, girl in her room...

Any similarity with some webcomic is pure boredom.

Name this girl and give her some thing to do.
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next part when


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>>2992 Whats up with your surprised face?




th-thats not blood, is it? we didn't just get our legs destroyed, did we?

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