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And i mean absolutely anything, beginning from touhou and ending with mongolian throat singing techniques.
I want for you to participate actively!
Yes, i'm looking at you, anon.
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>creole seasonings
I don't know what that is but that sounds very good. I had the usual meal but this meal the ham stood out. The ham was very esthetically pleasing and tasty. The mash potatoes and gravy is a classic. Rolls are also very good. I hope you had fun with your family or frens.

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So we have this calendar for 22chan time but there are barely any holidays on it, anyone got a nice idea?

Come up with a holiday (name and a small description) and post it in this thread!
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so sick and stupid i lol'd

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make sure he doesn't bite the cable


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Percy randomly appearing in front of you.


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Hey /b/, what was your favorite show/series growing up?
Pic related was mine.
I had an unhealthy obsession with scooby doo ages 5-12. I had every piece of media I could get my hands on (which frankly wasn't a lot) and I used to hold little homemade marathons yearly during my winter break. My obsessive love for it has died down as I grew up, but I still watch it time to time as a comfort thing. I don't think I'll ever stop liking it.
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there was an episode of scooby-doo where everything was explained, except the part where a ghost made shaggy a sandwhich out of no where, and shaggy said something like "you know, i really would be scared if it wasn't for that sandwhich" lol


I had almost every episode of all the old Scooby Doos that my Dad recorded on VHS from that huge marathon they did on either Cartoon Network (or Boomerang?) where they showed every single episode in a row.
I wish I still had those tapes. They had all the ads on them, too. It would have been like a TV time capsule.


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My favorite episode was when they hijacked that bus. The toll booth scene was the funniest thing ever to 10 year old me.

I loved how dark the show got, especially for a kid's show.

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Let's have a nostalgia thread and reminisce over the golden age of the internet 1993-2010 also post old a regular pornsite memes and screenshots RIP the real internet 1983-2012

Note if you're born after the late 90s with the exception of some people 2000 at the latest you are too young to remember the old internet and do not belong in this thread if you're born in 2005 GTFO.
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I'm 28, born in 2002
>the old internet
I remember watching youtube when I was younger and seeing the site grow.
And playing shidty browser games and angry birdson an lg mobile phone.
Can't remember much, I think I started browsing the internet in around 2009-2012.
And looking at lewd ish animu characters to porn around 2011-14.
That's about it.


Not 28 lmao


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If you weren't around for Numa Numa, you didn't really see the site grow.

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Let's make a board game!
My idea has something to do with lazers and lumber.
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I have a better idea about blazers and slumber


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Ok. Here's the idea:
It's called gay revenge.
The board looks like pic related.
Each player plays a monkey. One more player plays the gay guy on a mission to give AIDS to all the monkeys.
The monkeys try to trick the guy gay into believing they are realtors and he is in an open house tour. If the gay guy firgures out your piece is a monkey, he gives you AIDS and you're off the board. The gay guy wins if all the monkeys are off the board. The monkeys win if the gay guy is convinced to buy the house.


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Wanna give me aids? I wanna see you try

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Welcome to /mmc/ the thread general for organized online watching, playing and listening.

Official? Cytu.be: https://cytu.be/r/22chan

Guide for the script installing in case we need Jewgle Drive in cytu.be: https://github.com/calzoneman/sync/wiki/Google-Drive-Userscript-Installation-Guide
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Well, not suggest, after all im managing this thing, also , do you like horror movies kiddos? because theres this one too
Its stupid af, filled with meem magik


Anon, Remember to install the Google Drive script for Cytube, otherwise some movies wont work.


We are starting to watch the second movie of Twootmas,
Jack Frost, because home alone 2 broke.

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Hey /b/. Let's talk obsessions you had as a kid.
I love retrogaming, always did, but as a kid, I was obsessed with Pac-Man. I knew everything about the series. I knew of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and even Pac-Man Jr. I liked other arcade games from the 80s, and other retrogames in general, but especially Pac-Man for some absurd reason. I never knew why.

I even knew about the TV series, the Saturday morning cartoon. Not to mention Pac-Land, which was ported to the Atari Lynx and TG16.

Sometimes it'd be all I'd talk about. I loved looking at Pac-Man art, playing Pac-Man, etc.

Anyways, tell us about your obsessions.
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i liked bugs and how small they were, how they look and how much power i have over them, to this day i still like bugs


>I'd use to believe I could talk to or hear Satan when about 6-8yrs
Same, but for me it was God.


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I had an unhealthy and perhaps autistic obsession with scooby doo. I pretty much ONLY watched scooby doo. It got to the point where my family would leave the room if they saw I was watching scooby doo (again). Yearly I'd have self created marathons around Christmas, and I continue this tradition. I had about 40 DVDs worth of movies and episodes, and would watch them near religiously. Nothing brought me greater joy than when my dad would come home with a new DVD or when I would spy one at a yard sale. I also had a cheap scooby doo plushie that to this day I can't find. I had other scooby doo stuff but when I was 13 my mom tossed out all my toys and they were all lost. I'm pretty pissed because I could've sold them.
I also really liked dolls. Super super into dolls. Still am.

I always liked bugs too. I would put them in jars often or search for them in the forest. Something about how easy they are to handle or perhaps just their unnatural beauty.

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What random retarded facts do you just know? These aren't useful whatsoever, you just know them, is it from school? Is it from researched really stupid shid on the interwebz? I don't want to know how you know them, I just want to know what dumb shid you know.
Pic is a random I thing I just so happen to know, there was a cult that killed themselves with apple juice because of an asteroid called "Hale-Bop" that comes around every 2000 years, they killed themselves whilst wearing some kick ass(get it) Nikes.
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They have rat tails though


did you mean coffee grounds anon?
but yeah that makes sense considering it's basically just crushed seeds, so all the nutrients that would've gone to the new plant just stay there.


Both the grounds and liquid

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What do you guys think of my cat Storm.
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Sorry everybody, I've been moving in my new home so I haven't had any internet so I'm working on some compilation photos for you guys, but for now here is Bella, she says meow and hello.


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Here is a comp of my cats


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Here is just one of Pepsi.

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I like nature very much and also, I'd like for all of us to share some images. In nature, where all of us belong, in one way or another, it feels very pleasant and obviously amazing experience when you are visiting forests surrounded with beautiful trees, flowers, fresh air is upon everyone, the birds are singing in relaxing frequencies of their enjoyable melodies which are far more better to hear, than a crowded sound of the cities. When you are at picnic somewhere at the natural environment with your friends and family, that's the greatest experience and everyone is talking about that breathtaking occasion for a next week or two, due to good memories and fulfilled times with the ones you like.
Post anything you got, wallpapers are also welcome.
Let the thread begin...
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lol that's how your supposed to walk across the bridge, pic totally related


I have pretty much been just quietly admiring the great pics but now I just wanted to say thanks OP, I've been really enjoying these.


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Does anyone like to drink very strong tea (mabye with some shugar)? Because I do.
I usually put about > 4 tea spoons of filled to the brim tea leaves, today I decided to go a bit further and decided to let it sit for about a day or so.
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i want to drink this now


I like tea, tea is very nice

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Hello it's anon, on one rainy day I deiced to go into my google meet class, there was about 10 kids and 2 teachers, we were learning about the hall of cost and what happened to the victims within the hall of cost, as we where half way into the class, both of the teachers get booted but the class stays up, then all of the students start to leave, on the whiteboard all i see is, you'll end up like the Jews, the next morning i went into my class, everything was fine then it happened again, everyone got kicked out besides one person, they didn't have a username but there pfp was an image of a persons face melting, I think it might be a Jew I don't know, they turn there camera on and all I see is this person who looked like they died in the hall of cost, my computer sets on fire with images of Jews being burned in the background.


Exorcise that shid, anon




>>9803 Kike watermelon addict

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Post and discuss spooky stuff
If you want to discuss politics go to >>>/pol/
No larping or or shilling your args (i'm looking at you fleshfags)
No debunkers plz

Related threads :

>Paranormal general




>Halloween thread


You rolled the number 439592546 (no dubs or higher)
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The trap failed. When the trap was examined, the water was drunk, and the tuna was half-eaten. The cat was a big cat, by the way.


That cat was using our crawlspace as a secret hideout. The cat was well fed and significant, as mentioned previously. The cat has escaped because we kept the doors open for it to leave. It will be spooky if we hear more meows from our crawlspace.


I recently saw the cat wandering around my house. It had green eyes and solid grey pattern. When it looked at me it ran off. I am still confused why it likes my house.

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Post funny captchas
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The people of 1sRaEL


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You rolled the number 112180528 (no dubs or higher)

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