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Guilhem Desq and the Hurdy Gurdy
Thu 06/04/2023 9:23:51 AM
1 year ago
No. 118
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I think the Hurdy Gurdy is a really interesting instrument. I don't know much about its history but for supposedly being a beggars instrument it's massively complicated. Some of the contemporary compositions that musicians like Guilhem Desq are putting together are just wonderful. Its nature means that you can do a lot of wacky shit with it if you get creative, it's so versatile. Like a medieval synthesizer or something [Play] [Play] [Play]

I would also like to point out musicians like Andrey Vinogradov who do spectacular, but more traditional and simple arrangements. [Play]
Thu 06/04/2023 11:38:34 PM
1 year ago
No. 119
Thanks for the songs, they are neat. I'll give that album a spin for sure
>Like a medieval synthesizer or something
I think you're slightly fooling yourself; the examples you posted are heavily layered/processed, that's why they sound so cool and varied. This video that got recommended to me after yours is more accurate to my memory of a friend playing it: [Play]
You have the drone notes, the melody, and by spinning quicker you get a buzzing effect which gets used almost as percussion. It's pretty cool
Fri 19/05/2023 9:24:20 AM
1 year ago
No. 133
Aw man i love hurdy gurdy's. They're like bagpipes that sound actually good

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