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I learned all of architectural engineering & physics and am getting the handbook of physics and chemistry tomorrow so i can theorize. i've got a portfolio to design & engineer. I also got a vasectomy but am saving myself for love!
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you have a choice to make: discourse OR guns+discord



Yo bro, you havin ome kind o breakdown or wha


youre looking like a CIA nigger,buddy.
I killed a CIA nigger back in 1999. Hit him with my car. Scored one for the good guys.


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mfw fartnite

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>babby's first vichan board
>hurr durr let's advertise everywhere because that's how to properly build a community, no need to have a common interest
>about 4 seconds until there's a Discord server (if there isn't one already)
cmon man, at least try
you can't just look at what someone else has and say "let's make that, but the exact same with no redeeming qualities other than a premise of being 'less bad than the other thing'"
please, PLEASE, get off of 4ch/r9k/ and stay here, with your fellow normalfags
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Ok, sounds good. Also nice dubs. As i already mentioned before, could you add this to the rules,please?



I am this active, because i get every post by mail. So i read every post that is made on this site… Thats how i can help everyone asap.


Isn't that super annoying?



No not really actually.


Most replies on 4chan are "heeh oreganolifolimoli"

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ITT tell me reasons why you didn't do an hero
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0/0 didn't even try to be original by being edgy
here's your (you)


>Implying that I was trying to be original


I have things I'd like to accomplish maybe


I've tried and failed, now I'm to void of feels to want to an hero (no good feels, no bad feels.) Patiently waiting for the despair to come back so I can do it.

Your fortune: Godly Luck


because i can fap which makes me feel good any time

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I can't stop feeling self pity for myself. Anyone else feel the same way? Is it beyond fixable?
pic unrelated


I think that it's very normal to feel self-pity. It's okay, but to move past it (for me) I have to do two things.
1) I have to just allow the feeling to happen for a bit. Sometimes I cry really hard, but then
2) I try to focus myself on something else and think about things I'm doing alright and things that are actually kind of okay about me.

It also helps to try to think about what you can do to fix whatever you feel bad about. Sometimes that can be difficult if it's physical, but if it's a personality thing then you can always try to improve it.

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