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All right anons, I wanna build my philosophy a little more, so please say anything about what is your belief, if you have any morals, your thoughts on them, and why do you want to keep them, or any stories on how you got those beliefs and ideas about life. We can also talk about what we disagree on and build it from that point.
I'll start with mine, my belief is heavily religious, like being gay is a sin and all that, my morals is to help anyone, even if it's an enemy if I can, and my thoughts on them is that I'm still learning about them, why I do want to keep them is that it has help a lot of my friends, and some family members if I can, also some people that I don't really know since I feel from my past, it has hurt me so much letting out my anger and holding on into something I see negative so much that I was keeping myself away from others, which cause me to become more lonely, even if I was enjoying it. After that, I fall into depression once I make a mistake in my life that someone shamed me for, and a second one as well. I moved on, but I learn to thank that person for that, since it cause me to want to learn about my beliefs, morals, and ideas more to make sure it fits me perfectly without hurting anyone, since it has helped me become who I am here, which got me into philosophy that also help me alot, with it causing me to find people that I really thank for helping me build my sense of care, love, and my ways of helping others, and lucky, found you guys from it. I don't care if you have different beliefs than me, since just being here meeting new people is already welcoming, it has been 7 months since I've joined, and I enjoy being here if I've been active.
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>There's no soul, consciousness is a program.
then show me the source


Where does consciousness arise? That's one of the most fascinating questions there is. Note however that it's not my intent to answer with my theory to all the possible questions, because I think that as humans we need to accept that we can't know everything right now. And the brain is one of the things we're still not too familiar with
That being said big part of what I already wrote is speculation, so some more won't hurt.

What is consciousness? Is it an internal dialog aware of itself? What is an internal dialog? a flow of concepts and ideas, closely tied to logic, which tends to follow a line (of thought).
It's processing upcoming information. Another fundamental aspect is our ability to see patterns. It would be interesting to try to see if it's possible to implement some very simple dumbed down "consciousness" in a thing like prolog (a logic programming language). But I'm sure people much more cultured and wise than me must have thought about it and tried it.
Anyway the idea is that if you take a really close look it might become not that absurd to think that consciousness emerges from simpler things, the same way computer object detection in images emerges from a lot of simple operations (in the neurons of the neural network)
I'm pretty sure there are books and books on the subject which treat it way less superficially than I do.


Lol I didn't mean to make it that way but it kinda fits

Oh and sorry if I sound like I know exactly what I'm talking about and everyone else is wrong. This is just my opinion, really. Not any more valuable that anyone else's

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Hey /yu/, I have decided to make a thread on something that started years back but still affects me
>6 year old
>had a couple friends, had an older brother and younger sister
>went every week to my grandma's house
>in our culture it isnt really weird for one to still live with his parents even after he gets married
>my cousins lived there too
>they'd make fun of me a lot, or ignore me completely
>my brother too, he'd do a lot of shit to me
>even though they did that stuff i tried fitting in to seem cool
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whom are you quoting


Good luck man. That's sad and unfair, but I'm happy that you've got a wonderful dad. Despite all of his defects my dad's great too.
However, your cousins and brother most likely aren't very happy (even if they may try real hard to show they are), and will never be. Cunts are closed in their own box of cuntiness, because when you treat others like shit, it bounces back. They will surround themselves with shitty people and lead a shitty life chasing some petty goals like a pointless career or power/money to feel worthy.
The best case for them is if they feel incredibly guilty of what they used to do/let happen to you. If not, they're hardly worth a nail of yours.
Have values, respect yourself and others, have a dream, and you will accomplish more than they ever will. People who don't respect you aren't worth your presence, which is priceless (however don't act as if you're better than others when you get your confidence back)
Don't let anybody convince you otherwise, ever
I believe in you.


hope your doing ok op

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every time I type in "R" (as in r9k on 4chan) it always autocorrects or fills up for this site, which I have literally not used in over a year, which I literally only used it once. Explain
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2 < 4 in the alphabet. because it comes first it is listed above 4chin.


based lainposter


Chrome has terrible URL autocomplete.

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Hello. How is everyone doing?
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im fine thank you anon


Could be better.


Nevertheless i wish everyone would love me too.

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I haven’t told anyone about this. I just feel like the people I know wouldn’t care for this kind of stuff. So /yu/ guys, I tried my best to remember stuff and write it down. Tried to make it less boring; filled in some gaps.

>be me

>go to private elementary school
>it's beginning of 2nd or 3rd grade
>pretty small school, so obvious when new people are here
>few new kids
>red hair freckles boy
>tall boy the teacher's family adopted from western Africa
>shorter girl with flaxen hair
>school begins
>new uniform policy, have to wear our dress uniforms on Monday
>usually just wear normal school uniform with a red or white shirt and pants
>but it Monday
>this means boys need to wear black slacks, belt, button up shirt, vest, and a tie
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oh holy fuck this is actually OC
minimal correction/nitpick think OP accidentally typed "waking" instead of "making". Still man, thanks for sharing with us. 22chan is the right place for this kind of stuff.


What feels a bit sad to me is that OP is telling a really emotional story, while you anons are bitching about spacing or jerking about it being an OC. I don't know if op is still here, but damn, this story really hits right in the feels.


Fucking heart wrenching story
rip flaxen

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Sometimes I think it's the internet's fault I get this feeling
Detachment from reality. Recently me and a friend were in the woods when we heard the sound of an animal which seemed big enough to be potentially dangerous, and while he was getting excited/scared I really couldn't care less, like it was something happening to someone else
Ever get the feeling that nothing is real?
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walks are good, sometimes i'll bring binoculars to do some bird watching. being immersed is the best thing to do.


heheh, fucking pleb tier dude. monoculars are way better, anyone who actualyl knowns what they're taliking about will tell you that. You motherfucker.


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I've had existential crises for a long time, though nowadays I feel more secure in my existence.
Not OP, but nightwalks to me are terrifying. I've done them a couple times before, I hated it. Walking outside alone is scary as shit.

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"it is better to dwell in the wilderness, then with a contentious and an angry woman"
-Proverbs 21:19
>All modern women love to fight and bitch
>There is no wilderness left anymore
What can I do? I feel so lost.
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I'm not saying that there are no arguments in this thread, i'm saying that >>1527 needs to argue back.


If you want to discuss how you feel about today's women I'm fine with it even if I don't agree or like what you say
But if you start pushing ideas like "women shouldn't vote" you should post on /pol/
I think when dealing with something as retarted as that it's unfair to expect anyone to dedicate their time to argue back. Now you might disagree, but even then I still have the right to tell them to fuck off (at least to /pol/)
Personally I'd love not to see that retardation at all on 22, but that's too much to ask for I guess


why do people who make such threads are only capable of thinking in categories

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I hail from the mother chan. But, please hear me out.
I have assembled a small team and we are making a documentary on nightwalks.
We only need a few narrators to help.
If any of you would be willing to narrate you can post a vocaroo or you can e-mail it to me at nightwalkersproj@gmail.com

I promise not to make myself anymore of a blight to this slow but, fine forum.
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As far as I know, the mother of all chans is actually 2chan


Oh shit I forgot about 2 chan. How it holding up?


what a lovely documentary, i cant exactly understand some of the people speacing due to their accents, but the visuals pretty much explain everything. too bad i wasnt here to help with anything lol.

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Sometimes I can't sleep, so I walk the streets at night. Sometimes for hours. Feels like I'm looking for something, but I can't figure out what it is. Whatever it is, it's important. Also, it's always a full moon. Always. I will keep searching.
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It's to be taken literally


This thread is like the the holy trinity of newfaggotry
>terrible namefagging
>unrelated picture
>unrelated thread
I guess this thread is about nightwalking


That nightwalking thread was pretty cool

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>no traps
>no cumbrains
>no annoying edge lords who scream buzzwords to look cool
>no edge lords
Is this the one guys? Is this the promised land?
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I'm here everyday.
We need more people, but that is for twoot and the mods to decide how to get people here in a responcible manner.


But at the same time, which do you prefer.
Slow and comfy, or fast and 4cuck?


How about fast and comfy?

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I would like to say thank you to all the wonderful anons here. One of you posted this song in /mu/ this last January or February.
I remembered and am listening to it right now and it's nearly brought me to tears for the first time in over a decade. That time wasn't a particularly bright time in my life, it's about as close as I've ever come to becoming a true hikikomori.
Listening to this song makes me remember being wrapped in my warm blankets for days at a time, barely even leaving them to use the bathroom. I remember watching the snow drift past the streetlamps at night then melt through the next day. I remember my hair growing long as it slowly covered my ears, fell into my eyes, and brushed my shoulders. Disappointed voices outside my door and spider bites that appeared in the night. Only creeping out of my room to eat, drink, and piss when I was sure that everyone else was asleep, because I was so very scared of being seen. Feeling like something out of a 12-year-old's first creepypasta, like if some drowsy sleepwalker stumbled upon me they'd be scarred for life. Losing my humanity day by day but feeling so warm and so oddly content at the same time. I remember feeling so peculiarly childlike and bittersweet about the whole thing. As if I owed the whole world an apology. And now, even as that time is squarely set in my rear view mirror, I feel as if I would quite like to go back. If you have been in a similar place, I'm sure you know what I mean.
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I only heard this song played with a guitar at a campfire before, a few years back and I forgot about it
Thanks for the feels
Here's something in exchange


i may attempt something.
i dont promise anything though


Ah, yes.
I understand, i guess i wasn't really tihinking.
>>1406 sounds interesting

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reminder that women (or FEMORRHOIDS as I like to call them) get over long term relations in about a week.
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are you perhaps a woman? because that little faggot cumshot of a post right there is exactly what they think. do you not understand how fucking gay your post was? can you not see how fucking weak you look when you say that? what would your dad think of that post. my dad would fucking beat me if i said something like that.


Found the p-zombie


yeah thats the word i was looking for. women are p-zombies. you couldve corrected me instead of trying to nig the fucking thread.

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Could a yandere girl ever be a viable partner?
What are your thought /b/?
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See, my problem with women is the fact that they need attention 24/7 or else they call you abusive and go fuck a negro. The loyalty aspect of a yandere is very appealing to me, but I don't like the idea of constantly having to watch over her/let her watch over me. My ideal gf is one who can understand that I don't show love by hugging/talking. A silent car ride is all I need to stay in love. I need a girl who can sympathize with me on that. However, I can understand the appeal of a yandere gf. Especially if she helps me live out my illicit fantasy of wiping out as much human life as I possibly can before getting shot to death by pigs.


Screw yanderes, hate 'em.


It'd be nice to have a girl who is obsessed with me, since I don't really get women who are attracted to me very often. I have a feeling that the love of a yandere gf is pretty disingenuous. She doesn't love you because of any real personality traits that you have. She loves you as an expression of her own issues and problems. You just happened to be caught up in the whirlind.

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in this thread, you tell how do you feel or what you've experienced today. the point of this thread is to make every single day count (hopefully) and hopefully remove off some robot personality

i feel nothing really of significance happening today or tommorow. this really annoys me because i have things that i want to do today in my head but never really have the motivation to execute it.

how was your day anonbots?
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Anyway, a final word of advice. Get rentors insurance.


This guy gets it. I like you.

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how do you feel about it?
what are your plans for the week?
luv u guyze

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again
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It's a slow, yet comfy community


Slow but comfy is better than fast but shitty


That's for sure

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