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When I was 20 i punched my dad and served time even though he wasn't pressing charges. we've fought constantly for the past ~27 years. i have a bright future ahead if i work for it. but everybody abandoned me. i feel like maybe i'm not slipping now, because my dad (& i have an irreversible vasectomy) is now my only friend


lol why


Spiderman thread? If so, i have a story to tell.


Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air

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>come to even obscurer imageboard
>there are already normalfags here
yep, every time
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>Normalfag spotted
Only normalfags use the term "normie"


That's actually kinda true. Some people who probably never ever heard of imageboards called me a "normie". I guess they feel that way because they use reddit and not only instagram.
I personally probably am a "normie" or "normalfag" but it was funny to hear that they called me that


GTFO faggot

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It's idillic as fuck at my place right now. It's late evening, the sun is mostly down, my windows are open, the smell of freshly mowed grass and cheap russian contraband cigarette smoke enters my room as i browse a taiwanese origami folder enthusiast forum while listening to a music box version of bad apple.
What can you see at the place you are currently at, anon? What feelings does it bring you?


Just got home from a short hike to welcome in summer. This morning I finished making a container of sorts out of pallets to keep firewood off the ground (I had to take down one of my trees last year). Outside my window is a typical American suburb. Local boomers finally finished their daily mowing and are now sitting on their porches, while their kids race on their scooters down the hill. Currently drinking some shitty supermarket limeade that's more sugar than lime. Not sure why I bought it.
This thread has excellent potential, thanks OP.

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you should plant more trees to turn the world into a dense forest.
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In the long term, it's a much better idea to sow fungi. Old growth forests CANNOT grow without a proper fungal platform. If you plant the fungi, the forest will be inevitable.


A bit of elaboration. Many varieties of fungus are capable of cleaning up the environment in ways that other forms of life can only dream of. Some can even break down plastics/oils, including the delicious oyster mushrooms (most widely cultivated mushroom on the planet). Also:
>Mushrooms release spores
>Spores serve as a food source for insects
>Insects attract birds
>Birds bring seeds
>Seeds prosper in fungus-prepared, nutrient-rich soil
>Eventually, massive trees are able to "network" and share nutrients through mycelial mesh
>Big trees make a lot of dead wood that falls to the ground, feeding the same fungi that started all this
Fungi are smart. They play the long game. Plant the fungus, and the forest will become inevitable.


wtf i love mumshrooms now

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who else enjoys igniting Beelzebub's Oregano?


Very good oregano indeed


Beelzebub's Oregano?

that weird through these parts.

What does /sfw/ need to the two, but am sad


About to smoke my last bowl pack.

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Perma'd on that other site, so I guess I'll come here
post trains, trams, stations, anything rail transportation related
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Yet another steam locomotive


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SER 0-4-0CT Crane Engine


How tf are you posting so fast?!
Also recently I've kinda been getting into trains, unfortunately there are none around where I live. VmV

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Hello. I come from 4chan after seeing what is tantamount to an advertisement for this site. Securing one of the early posts for myself is a pretty comfy feeling tbh. I wonder if this site will stay up as continuously as 4chan has? The ban on pornography and gay shit sure is refreshing.
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Twoot pays for 22chan from his own money, so he wants to make multiple ways possible to support this place.

>IRC chat

I mean there is this: https://live.22chan.org/


Completely cucked now. Don't even bother to step there.
good idea I second this. Still I think that we have Livechan and when you want you can just use a name.


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22 chan is nice board you big meanie!

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It's been so long I've had a thought like this. Seven years ago I wanted to kill my parents about 5 times as bad but I didn't. I pulled through.
So I knew two people in youth, one I was friends with, looked her up, top friends other. out of guilt i messaged other. we hung out and i met her boyfriend who was a cunt. i told her i wanted her and she blocked me. well fast foreward and i'm being investigated by the fbi, she has been watching my facebook and calls the cops for "threatening" her boyfriend. she says in the police report i think she's in love with me, I'm stalking her. i never said any of that shit to anyone, actually. then she follows me on youtube. i message her on a diff account and tell her to stay the fuck away. turns out like the day before the boyfriend gets murdered by a stranger. she never came back, i even sent her $ and she took it.
tldr; pretty much wanna murder my second cousin
i'm not gonna do it, i just don't know how to deal with wanting to kill her, i don't even know if i want to move on.


don't be a pussy get the knife and stab them 4 times in the body 1 time in the head then hide the body's most presumably at night at some place where there's no people like some dump but hide it behind stuff also while your doing all of this WHERE GLOVES where them to not leave finger prints on evidence then dump them in the garbage in your house if there's suspects kill them to and do the same thing


no dude. i love her, so much. love/hate is hard to differentiate. i'm waiting for her and giving her ALL MY LOVE


so you want to fuck your cousin?
Are you from Texas?

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in this game I'm at an impasse. I've got to hold my convictions mostly in the game & be myself. But I got to this one question which was existential to me. I'm supposed to answer "I lost my best friend" or "I lost my dad". well, I want to answer from real life. Both are still alive, and my best friend & I are together as friends. But I betrayed him majorly 1 time & 1 time I was trying to do a long term solid for him and I broke and took it back but then got back on my feet to fight for him. My dad & I broke apart when I was 5 but we were best friends. It's never been the same. I have a feeling the game's going to go downhill but I'd like some talk therapy. It's really I don't want to pick one of them, but I don't want to answer from the game!


Life is strange more like, LIFE IS GAY. LOL GOTEEM


punksnitch, lemme holla at ya(ho)

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>feel like shit
>go to sleep
>wake up
>still feel like shit
Life fucking sucks i want a refund


i know the feel anon

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do you really need friends? i have legit no friends and i am desperate to find one even in online because it would make my life more interesting
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And there also is a discord (discord.22chan.org)


You should try getting one or two friends, i don't suggest you surround yourself with people as it will get you tired of them(probably)


I didn't think I had any friends, but then I found out that there were people who thought of me as their friend. I didn't think of them like that or realize until they brought it up. It surprised me. I guess you should look for the friends you do have but don't notice, before you start feeling too bad.

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how was your day anon

Your fortune: Average Luck
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Pretty good. Work was boring, but later I had a good meal and was chilling in bed. Comfy.

Your fortune: Excellent Luck


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The fortune function should be limited to a /x/ board or something to be honest.
I wish people would stop using them. They're from TRS/CIA/alt-kike, they're not really /pol/, and pretty obnoxious. ;_;
[spoiler]You realize the author's name in the image is Jewish?[/spoiler]
The only thing I like in that image is waking up really early. Otherwise, this.


Fuck you nigger. The Coincidence Detector userscript is actually useful. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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I like this place but it moves at a snails pace how many people are currently browsing r9k?
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Good summary of this chan vs others


4/r9k? not me. place is a shit hole. 8/r9k is better.

Your fortune: Godly Luck


I never liked 8/r9k/ much. It's like I'm on some incel forum. /v9k/ was better before it died.

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>tfw no aspie discord friend
t. aspie


I'm not autistic, but I'll be your friend anon.


im not really diagnosed with anything because i've never been go to the hospital and get diagnosed by a dr but im pretty sure im not normal either, so add me
discord: ネットパラダイスガール#1476

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I am sad


Bro me too. I honestly want to kill myself like a really hate living lol


Like, I really want to. I struggle with those feelings though because I want to achieve things, but I really don't feel like living anymore. Sad!


22chan /dep/ board twoot?

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