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>be me
>want a gf
>all the women I meet have shitty personalities
>can barely interact with them without getting pissed off
>late at night
>download some "what would you look like as a girl?" photo filter app
>see what I'd look like as a girl
>oh shit, she's super cute
>instantly become infatuated
>start having dreams where I interact with her
>she's literally me
>no woman could possibly compete
>mfw I am my own waifu


>shitty personalities
what exactly pisses you off?


[spoiler]The fact that they're not me, apparently.[/spoiler]
They're all insane, for one thing. It seems like they're all obsessed with some ideology or other, whether it's religion or politics or fandumb or just plain hedonism. Then they let that ideology dictate everything they do and say.


Good greentext anón lets make this place great for the Glory of old 4chan days


That's my aim. I believe it can be done, and even if it can't, I'm gonna do my best to help.

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Write a letter to someone who may never read it
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Dear Future Self,

Can you hurry up and just fucking kill yourself already?


Sorry Past Me,

Forgot I sent this, guess I fucked up huh?


are you still hungry for me cock or are you up with tyrone right now


this is great for letters that people won't read it because this is so new how great


Hey hey hey, Future Self,
Can you made deviantart cause his mind telling everyone has a bit of shitposters for Linux

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I learned all of architectural engineering & physics and am getting the handbook of physics and chemistry tomorrow so i can theorize. i've got a portfolio to design & engineer. I also got a vasectomy but am saving myself for love!
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you have a choice to make: discourse OR guns+discord



Yo bro, you havin ome kind o breakdown or wha


youre looking like a CIA nigger,buddy.
I killed a CIA nigger back in 1999. Hit him with my car. Scored one for the good guys.


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mfw fartnite

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>babby's first vichan board
>hurr durr let's advertise everywhere because that's how to properly build a community, no need to have a common interest
>about 4 seconds until there's a Discord server (if there isn't one already)
cmon man, at least try
you can't just look at what someone else has and say "let's make that, but the exact same with no redeeming qualities other than a premise of being 'less bad than the other thing'"
please, PLEASE, get off of 4ch/r9k/ and stay here, with your fellow normalfags
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Ok, sounds good. Also nice dubs. As i already mentioned before, could you add this to the rules,please?



I am this active, because i get every post by mail. So i read every post that is made on this site… Thats how i can help everyone asap.


Isn't that super annoying?



No not really actually.


Most replies on 4chan are "heeh oreganolifolimoli"

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ITT tell me reasons why you didn't do an hero
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0/0 didn't even try to be original by being edgy
here's your (you)


>Implying that I was trying to be original


I have things I'd like to accomplish maybe


I've tried and failed, now I'm to void of feels to want to an hero (no good feels, no bad feels.) Patiently waiting for the despair to come back so I can do it.

Your fortune: Godly Luck


because i can fap which makes me feel good any time

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Newfag here
What the hell are dubs?

You rolled the number 814381248 (no dubs or higher)


something that you didn't get.


I don't know either friend, Seems to be some fettish


its when you get a win in fortnute :D

You rolled the number 166897444 (trips)


Epic trips and Epic reference!

You rolled the number 269719496 (no dubs or higher)

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>Be me
>mommy's big, healthy, bouncy 589lb 32 y/o
> be playing LOL
> Feel tummy make a grumly
>Need to make a poopie
>Luckily, I have a convenient poop closet right in my room
>Pull down my big boy robe
>Unleash a mighty brap
>Make a big diarrhea doodoo right into poop closet, along with all of my other poobs
>Mommie comes in
"A-annon, what the fuck are you doing!?"
>Explain to the normie that I'm Using a poop closet, like any god would
>She kicks me out, breaks my computer
>Posting this from a starbucks
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Make her pay for what she did


Hey Anon, did you know that coffee not only raises your energy level but is also a diuretic?
You know what to do.


Ok /r9k/, Here's an update

>Waddle on back to mommie's house, full of big boy drink (Mountain dew + expresso) (I stole mommies plastic GPB card)

>make enough to fill up a jerrycan (For in-walk refueling)
>New daddie, J'rone, has his Caddilac parked in the driveway
>Climb into the car
>Suspension snaps underneath my immense power
>J'Rone comes outside
> Unleash a mighty, liquid brap inside J'rone's car
>open the floodgates, spreading liquid wawa all over the driver's seat
>J'rone goes back inside
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You really showed her

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I can't stop feeling self pity for myself. Anyone else feel the same way? Is it beyond fixable?
pic unrelated


I think that it's very normal to feel self-pity. It's okay, but to move past it (for me) I have to do two things.
1) I have to just allow the feeling to happen for a bit. Sometimes I cry really hard, but then
2) I try to focus myself on something else and think about things I'm doing alright and things that are actually kind of okay about me.

It also helps to try to think about what you can do to fix whatever you feel bad about. Sometimes that can be difficult if it's physical, but if it's a personality thing then you can always try to improve it.

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>be me
>be tired of all the porn and gay shit on 4chan
>find 22chan
>no gays or porn
>realize it's inactive
>mfw this will probably be the only post in a month
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At least it will take longer to get cancer.


now my soul can rest in this board.....


it's pretty comfy


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Get over yourself, OP

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail


sadly, this is currently me

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Find 22chan and see theres no porn or gay shit here

Thank you 22chan
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I really hope that's sarcasm. Because /r9k/ was NOT like that up to a year or two ago. Sure you'd have a tranny or two posting every once in a while, but it's not like how it is now where you've got militant tumblr traps posting all the time trying to recruit people, countless gay generals (for what purpose when there's fucking /lgbt/?), all the cuck and sissy porn threads, etc. Prime /r9k/ was really fun to post in, up until that one fucker shot up the school and posted about it the night before. As soon as that happened the normies started invading, and then the tumblr traps, and then /lgbt/, and then /pol/ once they noticed the surge in trap and gay posting. And most recently, an influx of /b/tards who I'm guessing came to /r9k/ and set up home because of all the traps and gays that fucked up their board to the point it's literally /lgbtb/. Also for a while a bunch of people from /soc/ for some reason. I never bothered going to check their board to figure out why they'd try to fuck with /r9k/.



Tf u talkin bout nigga


Yeah, that exactly what i mean


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/r9k/ was fun up until gay/sissy/degeneracy threads, which ticked off some of it's older users and drew faggots in

You rolled the number 713965912 (no dubs or higher)


r9k or 4chan was never about gays or trannies. but then over time they invaded the board and everything went to shit.

Your fortune: Better not tell you now


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it was about posting with betas and shit, but then there was some faggot wave and all over /b/,/r9k/, and porn boards (etc.) is tranny porn, sissies, scat...
fucking retards

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Found this spot while out walking today. What should I summon?
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Hell yeah


I think its obvious that you should summon Cthulu to come back and take his lad back


pls anon take care! rember to mmake a magical circle to protect you if you try to summon a being (especiallyy if it's a demon)

Your fortune: Godly Luck


I tried to summon a fire demon to burn down this state in time for the midterms, but he came late and didn't burn even close to enough. guess my magic is weak


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If I was you I would lurk and watch who is coming here and what's happening here.

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post recipes, pics, food related stories, etc here
made this today, a "deviled" avocado of sorts. scooped out most of the inside, mixed with some leftover cucumber mint salad, added some salt, lime juice and a light dusting of cayenne on top. toast fingers are for presentation mostly, but also go well with the salad



Wow, that looks delicious. Now im hungry


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beverages count too, here is an alien looking shandy I made today. honeydew melon juice and deschutes lager


really want to try making this for Christmas, if I can afford to then. peking duck is a favorite of mine


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my first attempt at a jelly. hibiscus, ginger and clove flavored, with a lime zest garnish I fucked up badly. didn't add enough sugar or ginger, so it wasn't flavorful enough, but at least it set properly and unmolded almost completely intact


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made some chicken curry with onions, carrots, garam masala, turmeric, black pepper, garlic, ginger, fenugreek, fennel, coconut cream, peanut butter, a dash of hot sauce and cilantro

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I'm drinkin' some Arnold Palmer.
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they didn't have that, so I just got some Bombay Sapphire, Sandeman Tawny Port, and Golden Gate Cider


Iced kool aid invisible watermelon kiwi


port wine and cold brew coffee is a surprisingly good combo
I call it the Hipster Regent


dry cider and orange juice is good too, like an apple mimosa


Im just drinking some 7up mixed with vodka (70:30), only so little vodka because it was al that i've got left and im to comfortable right now to go to the store

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> mfw 4chan is blocked by airport wifi
> mfw 22chan is not blocked
> mfw im a hacker now

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What is the best and most possible way to start a nuclear war that wipes out most of humanity? Actually meant seriously…


Same thing you got told in 4chan. Nothing some random nobody like you can do.


4chan is a fag and so are both of you


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