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Give me some "Mandatory" bass lines to learn, need to build up my repertoire.
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anything from the fall golden era. Jawbone and the air rifle is a good one



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I've been getting into Ween recently. So far White Pepper is my favourite album, what is your favourite Ween Album? Which one do you think is the Best or the Worst?
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Strongest in terms of production quality is Quebec, but most creative musically is GWS.


I agree with these answers in a way. Quebec I do consider the best Ween album, they put pretty much solid work into it and combined these sort of different themes, the sound is crisp and clean, the lyrics are cleverly put, everything about it is great. GWS on the other hand, while I never found it appealing I can understand what you mean by creatively. There are elements in there that still spawn in their newer creations like Chocolate and Cheese. However, if I were to pick an album more creative, it'd probably be The Mollusk. It introduces a new twist to Ween entirely. Sea shanties and psychadelia make the album a different experience. The lyrics are crafted in a sort of way where they're made memorable, the instrumentals and the production are crafted as well in the sense of being catchy and interesting to listen to.


12 Golden Country Greats probably, it's the one that I've listened to the most and it's really fun to sing along too. Though I do like the variety of Pure Guava. White Pepper is probably my least favourite (out of the ones I've listened to), just didn't leave much of an impression on me

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Subject says it all. Songs that really just make you angry at life.
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Calm your tits, I just picked a good angry face out of my folder because, y'know, you have to have a pic to make a thread. Pretend this is the op pic, if it really triggers you that much.


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Still a good op image


any pop song

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ITT good websites for music and audio
bonus points if the're unblocked at work





if yall know any post em


Open each thread to find many albums, and hopefully the download link will still work


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Sometimes instead of falling asleep immediately I listen to a few songs in bed, usually more calm ones
Share songs you listen to before sleeping

Here's mine for tonight:
The whole album is pretty good for this purpose


I usually listen to classical music before sleeping
This interpretation of clair, and Air on the G string put me to sleep easily
oh and I listen to buckethead sometimes too


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I actually listen to most of my music in bed before i go to sleep no matter how relaxing it is lol, but if I really want to sleep I listen to this, one of my all time favorites. :)


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post Anti-Depression songs/albums
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you can literally dance your sadness away, and what is better than electro swing to dance to?
this guy is a genius in mixing, you can check his other mixes I promise you will not be disappointed


Th ebest stuff to deal with depression is stuff that realizes it exists. Therefore The Smiths and The Cure. The Strokes and Vampire Weekend for cheerful indie shit that is def not depressing.

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Artists that are actually good, but the only people who listen to them are stupid and glorify their shittier songs.



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Tengaku is mine as well. I really loved playing Rin's songs on the Project Diva games.


normalfags pinocchiop is best vocaloid producer


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I haven't seen one of these threads here yet so shill your soundclouds, i need shit to listen to.



my old-school, a bit obsessive, both vintage and recent house mixes at https://mixcloud.com/do7ob - there is some pop/urban/commercial unmixed compilation too.


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Not huge on most celtic music or anything but Cruachan has a couple good Irish metal bops


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what is your favourite song from guardians of the galaxy 1 and 2?
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i already watched endgame


Jackson 5 - I Want You Back
its just so groovy to me


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I've been into classical rap lately, anyone else a fan of it?
Gimme some rap songs, bonus if it's about mental illness
bonus too if you give chill rap songs
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holy shit that's really good


Good thread
recent song with classical rap vibe:
Chill song:
If you like jazz you can even try this one:
Sorry no mental illness songs


you got a discord? ive been listening to classical rap a lot lately and want to introduce more people to some lesser known musicians.>>64

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what does /mu/ think of Plunderphonics


Don't know what it is


Does Dilla - Donuts dount?
Or since I left you
Anyway it seems interesting, can you post some?

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