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This board is for the discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics.

Off-topic and /b/-tier threads will be deleted (and possibly earn you a ban, if you persist). Unless they are quality, well thought out, well written posts, the following are some examples of off-topic and/or /b/-tier threads:

>Red pill me on X. (with no extra content or input of your own)

>Are X white?
>Is X degeneracy?
>How come X girls love Y guys so much?
>If X is true, then how come Y? Checkmate Z.

The variety of threads allowed here are very flexible and we believe in freedom of speech, but we expect a high level of discourse befitting of the board. Attempts to disrupt the board will not be tolerated, nor will calls to disrupt other boards and sites.

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Report on what's new in your country and discuss news on other people's countries! And make sure to post sauce aswell!
And let's begin with news from Latvia:
In the past year there have been registered 400'000 attempts to access cheese pizza related content in Latvia.
Gambling sites are now banned in the capital, excluding casinos in 4 and 5 star hotels. (Pretty much just like uncle Adolf did in the 30s)
Wagecuck teachers are threatening to go on a strike because of low wages (these fuckers do this like twice a year).

>inb4 what kind of nigger language are these news in?

For all foreign news: Post sauce, and be sure to write a tl;dr in english.
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Why into the entire crowd, though?
Or mabye...


Could it have been staged?


Larry Hogan the Governor of Maryland is claiming that the GOP needs to be more (((inclusive))) after Trump.
Seventeen sailors and four civilians have suffered non-life-threatening injuries after an explosion and fire at the Naval Base San Diego. The explosion is thought to be caused by a change in air pressure and the fire's cause is unknown but it is known that is was located in the cargo area and it was a standard fire fueled by paper, cloth, rags, etc.
A dead has received a voter registration application in the mail.
Brenton Tarrant will be representing himself in the future court proceedings.

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Since that last thread got deleted in a fucking flash thanks jannies.

I need to clarify something.
I am not talking about sex with minors I am talking everything but sex.

like what is the legal age for driving and do you think that it should change?

and anything else that has a legal age like shooting, driving, drinking, doing drugs.

anything that is not SEX.

and do you guys think that if you had a child how different your answer would be.
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In the US, you can get your driving permit at 16.


Are you aware of the history of trends leading to the legal age is 16 to drive? Maybe we could figure out why the legal age varies.


The legal age varies because each government has autonomy to decide which arbitrary number makes a person old enough to do X.

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I've noticed recently that even among normal faux-nationalist circles (namely posters on 4/8chan as well as mainstream websites like Twitter), figures like Richard Spencer and co. are now openly admitted to be enemy agents. Of course, other known spook outlets have went after him as a spook as well (namely "renegade tribune"), but I have hardly seen any non-judeoleftist actually fall for the Spencer op in recent months. However, this seems to be intentional, as another meta-psyop. Why? Because the term "fed" or "fedposter" is used to describe these types of people, obviously referring to the American FBI, or law enforcement, essentially meaning that people like Spencer are simply informants trying to bait nationalists to expressing extreme views so that they can be arrested. This is likely intentional psychological manipulation to drive away attention from intelligence agencies and their real goal with faux-nationalists to begin with, and to legitimise other faux-nationalists as a persecuted group.
Don't get me wrong, feds are enemies, but although they're technically working for an alphabet agency, they're still low-tier ZOGbots, many of them not even aware of the full picture, and by directing intention towards law-enforcement agencies instead of intelligence agencies, genuine nationalists are going to be dissuaded by even the thought that these faux-nationalist figures are part of black-ops to blackwash real nationalists, since it gives the implication that Richard Spencer is just infiltrating a legitimate, organic white nationalist movement and then turning it into a honeypot, and not already operating off spook-owned think-tanks, which Spencer was (see his involvement in the "American Conservative" and "Taki's Magazine"). Often, suspicions of people being "feds" come from spook-owned outlets. Telegram is a known spyware chat-service ridden with these types of outlets, often openly spied on (or perhaps owned) by the ADL:
>Some Telegram channel administrators appear to recognize the inflammatory and racist nature of the content they are hosting and seem to have accepted the possibility that law enforcement is monitoring these channels. These administrators attempt to undermine gravity or intent with disclaimers of sorts. For example, the description for the Holocaust II channel reads, A sequel based on the original folk tale. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Seems really suspicious (at least the whole Tarrant-worship); I noticed a lot of people defending Tarrant not only have similar posting styles, but are unique enough to easily be identified themselves, and all have a suspicious amount of free time they can put towards defending a mossadi "lone-wolf shooter", almost as if it's organised. The most prominent one was a "Czech" who used to post on both 4 and 8/pol/ nearly all day everyday in 2019, but has now disappeared:
You can tell that 90% of these posts were made by the same person, though he disappeared completely after the COVID hoax began, he wasn't even on the last time Tarrant was on Tel-Avivision. He and other assorted shills use the same tactics I talked about, calling Tarrant "St. Brenton", telling people to read the manifesto though it offers nothing new, claims he has no problem with Israeli jews (he spins it as 4D chess despite the fact that it was as clear as day that it was a pro-Zionist statement, it's the same tactic pro-Trump shills use), calling people "Ahmed" or accusing them of being Muslims, so on so on.

Now that I think about it, he actually resembles a hasbara bot on 4/pol/ that posted the same image and text (in typical ESL Israeli grammar too) since at least mid-2013 and actually still has posts from as recent as 2 weeks ago, specifically dedicated to derail anti-Israeli discussion with accusations that they're "MIDF" and trying to fool "us aryans", "crusaders", "templars" or whatever group that lets him fit in, see the attached image. This figure actually used a Czech flag:
Here's the most recent post of this figure that I can identify:
Notice how the same image is used but is modified in nearly all instances of this figure posting. This just confirms that all of these buzzwords were initially pushed by Israeli spooks, I Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Those posts in the pic made me laugh quite a bit, moral of the story: never trust a memeflag.


It actually predated the implementation of geolocations on /pol/, so anyone could've been anything, and this figure was probably using proxies as well. Nevertheless it's easy to tell it apart since it uses the same ESL grammar (complete with buzzwords like "us aryans" etc.) and each post has the same unhealthy obsession with supposed Muslims trying to subvert "neo-nazis" (the fact that the term is used at all says it all).
Every time a new "shooter" or leftist boogeyman appears there's a huge amount of shills trying to astroturf it. The possible sim Breivik as stated before, Zimmerman (Mestizo with a jewish name, Zimmermann with two "n"s is German but Zimmerman is Ashkenazi) with that "can't flimflam the zimzam" meme, Dylann "Storm" Roof (obviously a joke name, not Dylan but "storm" is obviously a reference to the Sturmabteilung, same as in "Stormfront", no real person has that name), and to a lesser extent, Nicholas Cruz (Parkland), Stephen Paddock (Vegas), Nasim Aghdam (the "YouTube shooter" who uncoincidentally "attacked" during passover) perpetrators of the various "ISIS attacks" (Paris 13/11, Nice, Munich, Pulse nightclub), etc.

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With a recent attack on internet free speech following the coronavirus pandemic and massive corporate sponsored BLM protests, many people are speculating that 4chan will be shutdown in the coming weeks to months. Where will everybody go? How well known is this site? I would like this site to be at least semi active, at least half way of 8chan levels, but it would be a shame if redditors are to override this site.
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The /cow/ board also functions as a forcefield for the owner, robi. You're supposed to believe that this "dolphinspammer" literally spent hundreds of dollars on creating fake imageboards just to discredit julay-world.


you have a point. i stayed away from the drama shit and visited whenever i got bored of everything else, so i never went there often.


It was pretty much impossible to avoid it on political boards. In two separate instances, there was a raiding team of pedophiliac jews from /b/ constantly spamming cuck porn for an entire night on /n/ because /n/ DIDN'T want pedophilia on their board. They even made posts on 4chan's /pol/ about the thread because it bothered them so much:
I've found that these shills all have an unhealthy obsession with anyone calling them out (trait 5 of the disinformationist, per The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies) and they typically post on 4chan, 8chan etc. as well, it's just that the administration on other boards are even more lax and approving of their degeneracy. I've suspected that some of them are even on 22, but the thing is that 22chan's rules doesn't approve of their mindset, so raiding it actually has somewhat of a consequence.

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So I tried taking the LeftValues quiz as a National Socialist...


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Redheads are half niggers, the average Oyrish looks like this.
t. the autist formerly known as Varg Vikernes
P.S. don't look up pictures of my father since they don't at all look like pic related and there's nothing suspicious about my ancestry whatsoever.


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I haven't heard about varg ever since jewtube got his channel removed


It seems that Louis Kosher always claims the average "x-ethnic group" looks either Nordic or Semitic/Armenoid depending on what he wants to push: when it suits him, he will literally show images of blond Turks claiming them as brethren (often used a lot against Varg by detractors) yet now he's saying that the average Irishman is swarthy.
His wife, whom I believe is suspicious and may have subverted his philosophical thinking (which used to make far more sense) apparently also dyed her hair, her ancestry, perhaps on the maternal line may be suspicious as well.

File: sandyhookpolicemen.PNG (299.44 KB, 403x296, 403:296, 1590371381764.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


Often in the media, figures are fabricated or stolen for one-off uses, and events are simply made up, the motive typically to provide a pretext for a certain political action occurring. To give some obvious examples of events that are known to be fake (although these are not the only ones, these are the ones most likely to be fake):
>OK Corral shootout - although supposedly taking place on the 26th of October 1881, this event evidently wasn't even known about until 1931, and many images of the people involved in it are simply fabricated
>Gleiwitz incident and the various Polish-German border clashes - whether it was instigated by Naujocks or not, it was clearly faked to instigate the invasion of Poland, with no deaths on either side
>Columbine shootings - suspicious date (4/20 in US format), fake surveillance footage. The jewish shooter Dylan Dylan Klebold was even born on 9/11 1981.
>9/11 - pretty obvious, though it's in its own category, to keep it simple, there were no planes striking the WTC, and many of the main "victims" presented were in on the hoax and as are most "survivors". Al-Qaeda was a complete CIA/MI6/Mossad operation from top-to-down ("headed" by the CIA asset and Yemeni jew Osama bin Laden) that still assisted fighters in Bosnia and Chechnya a few years earlier. The 1993 WTC bombing was likely fake entirely, and it's also probable that the "Arab" celebrations of the attack were also instigated by undercover Mossad agents to legitimise the event and create more antagonism
>Sandy Hook - often called "Sandy Hooknose", virtually everything about the event is completely fabricated, the school itself (named Sandy Hook after a random Dutch settlement in NJ for some reason, despite being in Connecticut) was likely a complete ghost building, and there were no real emotional feelings among the parents; there's probably more "truthers" pushing misdirection about the shooting than there are people trying to debunk it, seeing as it's so obviously fake.
To add to the bit on Sandy Hook; "Sandy Hook" was referenced in the background in the Dark Knight Rises, the same movie where another fake shooting occurred in Aurora Colorado (giving it a Lincoln-assassination-like meta-narrative, since his assassination was initially thought of to be part of the play, same thing applies here) and Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Anyway, my guess is they'll spread the angle that a stereotypical negroid did the hit and run on the internet, in order to support the anti-BLM sentiment that black violence in on the rise. Meanwhile, on the TV, they'll downplay or never mention the identity of the driver and use the dixieland car horn to support the pro-BLM sentiment that the Confederacy is returning. This will result in some fun shouting matches at family dinner tables. I think the (((powers-the-be))) know which forms of media each side chooses to consume. Overall, this is their idea of fun.
More-or-less my position on this too, since on 4/pol/ and /pnd/ they're saying that it's another example of "joggers" attacking whites (which seems like the new buzzword, likely used to replace "dindu", a nonsensical word used itself to replace "nigger" or any old insults for blacks, to weaken anti-black sentiment).
>Also, I'd like to point out how butt-fucking-ugly these women are. Is this what castrated liberal men are into these days?
I think whoever wrote this knew that these women are unattractive, and that they don't really get into relationships with men, or don't want to have children. They look more like caricatures of "butch feminist hippies" than they do real people, they could be deepfakes.


Pope John Paul II assassination attempt
The official story for this event is that the pope was allegedly shot 4 times and suffered "severe blood loss", he survived in good-shape, and not only has "Mehmet Ali Agca" admitted his intention was only to "injure" (perhaps fake-injure?) the pope, not to kill him, but after "forgiving" Mehmet, the pope has himself stated that this was in-part a fulfillment of the Fatima apparition (itself a hoax). Although the "assassination attempt" is usually blamed on the Grey Wolves or the KGB, these theses are suspicious, and Wikipedia admits this:
>Some writers, including Edward S. Herman, co-author with Frank Brodhead of The Rise and Fall of the Bulgarian Connection (1986), and Michael Parenti, believed Ağca's story was dubious as Ağca made no claims of Bulgarian involvement until he had been isolated in solitary confinement and visited by Italian Military Intelligence (SISMI) agents.
>The Bulgarian secret services have always protested their alleged involvement and argued that Ağca's story was an anti-Communist plant placed by the Grey Wolves, the Italian secret service, and the CIA – all three of whom had co-operated in NATO's secret Gladio network.[citation needed] Gladio was at the time involved in Italy's strategy of tension, also followed in Turkey by Counter-Guerrilla, the Turkish branch of Gladio[citation needed]. The Pope's assassination would hereafter have taken place in this frame[citation needed]. Edward S. Herman argued that Michael Ledeen, who was involved in the Iran-Contra Affair and had alleged ties to the Italian P2 masonic lodge also linked to Gladio, was employed by the CIA to propagate the Bulgarian theory.[25]
It's most likely that this fake "assassination attempt" was an inside job organised by the Vatican itself.
>On 26 June 2000, Pope John Paul II released the "Third Secret of Fatima" in which he said that Ağca's assassination attempt was the fulfilment of this Secret. 13 May (the date of the assassination attempt) is the anniversary of Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>The 1982 Tom Skerritt film Fighting Back featured footage of this event in its opening credits' depiction of a television news story on violent crime since 1963 from the reporters' viewpoints.
>The event is briefly referenced in the ending of the anime series Chrono Crusade.
>On the online timeline of the 2004 alternate history mockumentery C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America, in which the Confederate States of America wins the American Civil War and annexes the rest of the United States, the assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II still occurs. However, it occurs in New York City rather than in St. Peter's Square. The assailant, a Baptist from Tennessee named Maynard Brimley shot the Pope and killed a bystander. Despite that the Pope would visit Brimley in prison to forgive him for his actions, Brimley was tried and executed, partly to appease international pressure.[40]

File: esaugambit.jpg (49.77 KB, 500x370, 50:37, 1593162495747.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


Has anyone noticed how while many faux-nationalist groups, both contemporary and historical (including the NSDAP itself with the Haavara agreement despite statements to the contrary in Mein Kampf, as well as Mussolini being a fervent Zionist) advocate the jews to all go back to Israel so they wouldn't have to deal with them in Europe, whereas Arab "anti-Zionists" all happen to consider the jews only invaders in the middle east, and only want to deport them to Europe (despite the fact that they're racially distinct from both Europeans and other Semites)?
Not enough people talk about the Esau gambit, and even less people really choose to extend it to known false dialectics like national socialism and fascism, let alone zionism. This idea of jewish thesis (Zionism) vs. jewish "antithesis" (international jewry) is forced so much and opposed in such a clown-like manner (by national-socialists or other shills pretending to be white nationalists, as well as false "truthers" like Miles Mathis and the lot) that it effectively functions as a jewish ouroboros. If you're an intellectual and don't want to be chased by the organised jewish mafia, you either have to be a gerrymander for Zionism or you have to be a gerrymander for international jewry. However, I don't believe this is an attempt to keep up the current left-right dialectic (since it already has been run to the ground), it's an attempt to divide anti-Zionists from Europe and the Arab world for making a difference, by crippling opposition to both racial jewry as a whole and of Zionism.
They'll push Putin as some "saviour of Syria" despite the fact that not only is he in cahoots with Netanyahu, but also with a massive jewish oligarchy in Russia itself. Assad will never actually attack Israel despite the fact that it's right across the border and holds Syrian land (which is a point of discussion in-itself, Assad's father was likely put in charge of Syria by Israeli spooks as a double-agent, so that they could "win" the 6-days-war). A similar situation in the Levant to that of the west is among the Lebanese Maronites, who supposedly admire fascism (the name of their party "Kataeb" literally means "Phalange"), and are extremely servile to Israel, even helping them occupy southern Lebanon before they were stabbed in the back.
An even more nonsensical situation is Libya, divided between the UN-recognised government, the "Government of National Accords", and the Haftar clique. Apparently Turkey supportsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Wonder if it's another in-your-face jewish pun?
>means "parting" or "taking leave" in hebrew


Really in your face, a "general taking leave", means that he isn't really there. That would perfectly summarize a Mossad-run cesspool of a conflict.

File: 1592969926337.jpg (152.71 KB, 969x1200, 323:400, 1593332594387.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


How much longer until it becomes legal to enslave White people in America?

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>Don't you hate it when people discard your ideas saying stuff like "anybody against affirmative action is racist"? So please don't do it yourself
I haven't discarded your opinion. I've experienced the direct consequences of this opinion, starved through one 8-month period of unemployment and on 12-month period of unemployment. In that time, I've had plenty opportunity to mull over that opinion and assess it as ignorant garbage with confidence.
See above my comment that, when you are privileged, it is easy to wave away discrimination against white men.


Oh I see
>fact that tech remains largely male despite the hiring advantage that women have now should be enough to make most reasonable people see that "closing the gender gap" is a flailing, sexist initiative
I don't think it's supposed to have a big immediate effect
Anyway I think you might have a point. However I feel like we should look at specific examples at this point
I agree that something based on these principles can be abused, and I'm sorry that it has affected you
I'm a white man and the only affirmative action I've seen in my life was a team math olympics girls only competition (in addition to the mixed one) and I've heard of girls only cs-related conferences
I personally saw it as an attempt to bring more girls in the field and nothing else. It didn't give girls in the field "power to harshly discriminate with impunity"
But I don't exclude that could happen. However it's unfair to say that it's always like that
I don't know maybe in my country it's not as bad, or maybe I just haven't seen much yet


Without doing searches for hours on google, the only examples I can give would have to be anecdotal. This is about 8 years ago now. But I can tell you television in the bigger American cities is broken into three industries: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Pre-production, obviously, is where all the money moves. It involves organization of both the production (actual on-location or in-studio filming) and post (editing and distribution). Pre-production is handled by "pre-production" houses, which are primarily staffed by females and openly brag about this fact. The production process is put together entirely with freelance work, but this is where all the skill is involved, so it is mostly male. Post is the only industry where you see an even mix of male and female.

Now, within pre-production, there is a serious problem of producers deliberately only hiring women in order to "make a difference" as they put it. They hire women straight out of school with generic communications degrees even when men with actual practical experience are applying. Below the producers (who act as managers) are what they call "associate producers" who are meant to go on location and oversee the actual production process. Yet (and this is not an exaggeration) they are so utterly incompetent that they have begun hiring freelance "production managers" to do their jobs for them as they play on facebook on their macbooks throughout the entire process.

In case you were wondering why television has been getting worse and worse, that's your main reason.

File: KAL B747.jpg (31.55 KB, 495x275, 9:5, 1590262967274.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


I'll go into these psyops in chronological order. But to make a long story short, no one died, and no flights were shot down or bombed. I make my presumptions based on the usual funny stories being peddled in these psyops and their suspicious numerologies. When these things happen over and over and over again, you're being fed bullshit. Granted, this isn't rock hard proof of fakery, but it strongly points into that direction.

I think it would also be interesting to learn what Korean netizens would make of these revelations.

Korean Air Lines Flight 007, per the official story (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_Air_Lines_Flight_007), was a routine scheduled flight from New York City to Seoul with a refueling stopover in Anchorage, Alaska. The flight was via a Boeing 747-200, aged 11 years (11 is a commonly recurring number in psyops). The flight departed on 31 August 1983 from JFK and arrived in Anchorage uneventfully. It is when the flight continued on its ANC-Seoul leg that things went awry. The flight strayed from its course and crossed over into Soviet territory. The Soviets, thinking the plane was an American spy plane, shot down Flight 007 in the early dark hours of 1 September some distance away from Sakhalin Island, killing all 269 on board.

Already something funny right away is the flight number, 007. KAL 007 was accused of being a spy plane, and you know where else 007 has a spy theme? Fictional MI6 agent James Bond, "007". So this flight number is referencing a work of fiction. Should we then presume KAL 007 is as equally fictitious? And why Flight 007 and not just Flight 7 like pretty much every other airline does it?

Another oddity is that despite being a Korean airliner bound for Seoul, only 76 of the supposed passengers were Korean nationals, another 29 Koreans being KAL employees. 62 of the passengers were American, despite Korea not being such a popular destination for Westerners prior to the 21st century (in 1983, South Korea was under a military dictatorship and was by and large still a developing country, which also makes it an odd choice to be awarded the 1988 Summer Olympics in 1981).

Among the Americans was Senator Larry McDonald (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_McDonald), an ultraconservative DPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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We are all still around, just lurking. I've had a huge amount of work to do so /mmc/ stuff was cancelled, but it should be up and running in a week or so.
22chan relies on new threads rather than just new posts, so explore new possible thread ideas if you guys want to contribute more to the activity of 22.


Not to mention that both Orban and Bolsonaro are likely part-jewish. For Bolsonaro, it isn't even just his extreme Zionism, paralleled by Trump's; isn't it odd that "Jair" is not only a Hebrew name, but an extremely obscure one at that, even shared by Yair Netanyahu? And "Jair Messias Bolsonaro"? Messias as in messiah? Couldn't it at least be masked as "Christos" if not wanting to come off as a Sephardic jew? He was even taken to the "Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital" after he was allegedly stabbed (was that faked? his son, Flavio Bolsonaro even initially claimed that the injury was superficial which points to it being another hoax to bolster his support).
By the way, for some reason, Bolsonaro loves to reference anime, which is a huge thing in Brazil; does this parallel with how smaller jewish shills try to associate pro-whites with anime online?


It would be really nice if multiple image uploads were allowed at least for /pol/.
I would have liked to make some screenshots, but in lieu of that, I'll just post time marks.

The video below purports to show a home video of the inside of the Murrah building months before the bombing. We see footage of some of the people said to have later died in the attack.
@ 1:50 we learn that the video was not allowed to be used in court as evidence against Timothy McVeigh (not like there was a real trial to begin with). The video plays shortly after that.
Now, some of the people in the footage seem to match up with their memorial photos, such as Claudine Ritter at 2:25 (and who looks like a dude in drag in the memorial photo at 2:30).
@ 3:56 "and Frankie's just dying over here" ... har har har. "Frankie Merrell" what kind of woman is named Frankie? That wasn't a nickname, that was her actual legal first name apparently.
@5:12 what the hell was Florence doing with those two half naked brown "studs"? Florence Rogers survived, by the way.
I find it odd and telling that this video was only released to the public a few days before the 25th anniversary of the bombing.
A bunch of the memorial photos (mainly of the younger women said to have died) shown in the video have a jewy/holowood vibe to them, like the three women shown at 3:33, especially Robbin Huff at 3:38 who looks like a jewish lesbian (she apparently was pregnant and already named her unborn daughter https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/38573043/robbin-ann-huff).

File: Aleksandr_Solzhenitsyn_197….jpg (1.09 MB, 1704x2136, 71:89, 1593688300292.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


In light of both discussion on how the Romanovs, at least at the time of the 20th century (if not before that, as Peter I's prime minister was a jew) were, if not racially jewish servile to world jewry, and how the Korean Airlines 007 incident, involving the Soviets and Americans wasn't real, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's works and character should be taken into question. He's essentially the Russian equivalent of Orwell, both being former communists that later came to despise it and write literature against it; one of the most notable ones for now is his comment on the Bolsheviks being jews in his relatively recent work "Two Hundred Years Together". It's often quoted in faux-nationalist outlets such as Incogman, Smoloko/Shlomoko, Christogenea, 8/pol/ during its heyday, and various others, right next to the mulatto pederast Michael Jackson's music video "They don't really care about us" and General Patton's quote on the jews or about how they should've went for Russia instead. Now, Patton is the departure point for the main reason why Solzhenitsyn is suspicious: he was given "honourary US citizenship" by Larry McDonald, a relative of Patton whom supposedly died in the Korean Airlines 007 incident (more on that here: >>1054). He was also given a Nobel Peace Prize in 1970, another red flag, since Nobel prizes are typically given by jews to their fellow jews when they plagiarise or accomplish virtually nothing; essentially a less obvious version of jewish knighthood. He was supposedly in a gulag for 8 years, but he was using others' stories to describe it (was he really a prisoner in the gulag?) but at the same time, he was a friend of an incredibly suspicious character known as "Lev Kopelev". He was a jewish intel officer and former-Trotskyite supposedly interred in 1945 for criticising the atrocities of the USSR, released in 1954, and moved to Cologne just like Solzhenitsyn did, despite still being a communist. So one of his friends in the gulag was a jew, go figure.
Solzhenitsyn supposedly moved to Cologne and then the USA (which I always saw as an odd thing; why move to the USA, a country so far away from Russia instead of staying in Germany?), and moved back to Russia after his citizenship was restored under Gorbachev. Notice that his citizenship was restored under Gorbachev, not under the RF, of course, since the RSFR and the RF are the same entity. After this, he wrote Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Of course, unlike sites like Incogman/Christogenea/other faux-nationalist platforms, Solzhenitsyn at least admits that the Khazar theory is fake, and that actual jews have been in Crimea and Russia since antiquity:
>One could begin by saying that the paths of Russians and Jews first crossed in the wars between the Kiev Rus and the Khazars, but that isn’t completely right, since only the upper class of the Khazars were of Hebraic descent. The tribe itself was a branch of the Turks that had accepted the Jewish faith. If one follows the presentation of J. D. Bruzkus, respected Jewish author of the mid-20th century, a certain part of the Jews from Persia moved across the Derbent Pass to the lower Volga where Atil on the west coast of Caspian on the Volga delta, the capital city of the Khazarian Khanate, rose up starting 724 AD. The tribal princes of the Turkish Khazars, at the time still idol-worshippers, did not want to accept either the Muslim faith, lest they should be subordinated to the caliph of Baghdad, nor Christianity lest they come under vassalage to the Byzantine emperor; and so the clan went over to the Jewish faith in 732.
>But there was also a Jewish colony in the Bosporan Kingdom on the Taman Peninsula at east end of the Crimea, separating the Black Sea from the Sea of Azov, to which Hadrian had Jewish captives brought in 137, after the victory over Bar-Kokhba. Later a Jewish settlement sustained itself without break under the Goths and Huns in the Crimea. Kaffa (Feodosia) especially remained Jewish. In 933 Prince Igor (Grand Prince of Kiev 912-945) temporarily possessed Kerch, and his son Sviatoslav (Grand Prince 960-972) wrested the Don region from the Khazars.
Note that Caffa was a Genoese slave-trading port, also where the black deaths, perpetrated in-large-part by jews originated. I believe that Solzhenitsyn could've either been genuine though pushed a bunch of disinformation and was rewarded for it by TPTB (hence his Nobel prize), or could've been a real disinformationist agent, and the latter seems likely.


>he actually looked more like a Finn or Chuvash
Yeah, maybe. I actually thought of Spede Pasanen the first second I saw Solzhenitsyn's image.


Our president is starting a war just for the votes. Only it's not the same as last time. The "war on terror" wasn't too bad. This is Iran. They've got allies. Their allies have nukes. They probably have nukes. Realistically, how unlikely is it that our CIA is blissfully anaware? If this escalates, it could literally spell the end of the world. No joke. This isn't about attacking sand niggers anymore. This is really, really bad. There's two ways this could go. We don't escalate, it's fine. Or, we escalate, shit hits the fan, and inevitably, nukes start flying. I don't know exactly what weapons world war 3 will be fought with, but world war 4 will be fought with rocks.

This could spell the end of the human race. There's a 10% chance that we're all dead by 2021.

I may never acquire the success in life I know I can have, just because someone wanted to win the election again.

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>You know what "repeated" means. And it's not just about photographs. What about Thomson's experiment with the cathode ray and the magnets? What about Rutherford's little trick with the alpha particles and that gold foil? The modern atomic model covers these experiments and all others. What does yours cover?
On Thomson, Hawking (who I see as incredibly overblown as well) admits that he never saw an electron:
>He was experimenting with currents of electricity inside empty glass tubes, a phenomenon known as cathode rays. His experiments led him to the bold conclusion that the mysterious rays were composed of minuscule "corpuscles" that were material constituents of atoms, which were then thought to be the indivisible fundemental unit of matter. Thomson did not "see" an electron, nor was his speculation directly or unambiguously demonstrated by his experiments. But the model proved crucial in applications from fundemental science to engineering, and today all physicists believe in electrons, even though you cannot see them.
On Rutherford, Edmund Whittaker writes:
>Thus, Rutherford was led to what was perhaps the greatest of all his discoveries, that of the structure of the atom…He found that if a model atom were imagined with a central charge concentrated within a sphere of less than 3 x 10 -12cm. radius, surrounded by electricity of the opposite sign distributed throughout the rest of the volume of the atom, then this atom would satisfy all the known laws of scattering of alpha or beta particles, as found by Geiger and Marsden…Thus the Rutherford atom is like the solar system…"
So they were not actually observing atoms.
>lolwut. WHY. HOW. I'm not asking you to repeat yourself I'm asking you to explain the mechanism behind these substances releasing energy in the form of light.
It has to be continuous mechanism of some sorts, emitting light instead of particles. Admittedly, I've never experimented with them myself, these alternative-theories just make the most sense to me.
>First I'm hearing of it. How are atoms impossible to explain? Little bits that are also made of little bits that can interact with other little bits in predictable ways.
And how do we know these little bits exiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Thomson and Rutherford can't be entirely certain they didn't observe something else
Yes, but the same can be said of gravity. Maybe the earth is just constantly accelerating at a rate of 9.8 m/s^2.
At this point it sure seems a lot like their findings correlate perfectly with the observed world. They've certainly helped us create some nifty inventions.
>Admittedly, I've never experimented with them myself, these alternative-theories just make the most sense to me.
Then you have a starting point. You're already at a disadvantage, I have personally recreated many classic experiments regarding atomic theory and sincerely tried to come up with alternate explanations but came up empty.
>And how do we know these little bits exist and interact with other little bits?
You already know what I'm going to say, don't you.
>their own existence cannot be proven
By the scientific definition of proven, it's been done many times over. I'm sorry, I kind of thought we were all on the same page regarding definitions but I've thought about it a bit and I really don't think we are. I've been using the scientific definition of proven which means "supported by overwhelming evidence." You're looking for something more like "I have personally touched and smelled a atom and God told me what it was." Again, theories are about what best explains the world around us. If atomic theory is all backwards, then the new theory will just mean more information for everyone. That's progress.
>is it not clear what I meant?
Yeah. Related to the bit about why exactly some substances emit radio waves and not others, I need specifics. Atomic theory gives me "charged particles ejected from violent nuclear activity in the sun are pulled towards the earth's magnetic poles, ionizing the upper atmosphere resulting in light-emitting plasma." Atomic theory also tells me what nuclear fusion is, what a particle is, what a charge is, what an ion is, what causes light emission, and what plasma is so that's in no way "Talmudic babbling." Your explanation just isn't robust enough to compete. It needs to be developed if it's to be taken seriously.
>you have a passive-aggressive way of exchanging wordsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Yes, but the same can be said of gravity. Maybe the earth is just constantly accelerating at a rate of 9.8 m/s^2.
Gravity has far more backing than the atomic theory, but discussing it is for another time, it's been disputed in the past as well.
>They've certainly helped us create some nifty inventions.
But my point with this is how these innovations, including nuclear weapons are fake, and that nukes in particular are a psy-op utilising faulty science.
>You already know what I'm going to say, don't you.
Not observation and experimentation, we've never observed atoms through that.
>By the scientific definition of proven, it's been done many times over. I'm sorry, I kind of thought we were all on the same page regarding definitions but I've thought about it a bit and I really don't think we are. I've been using the scientific definition of proven which means "supported by overwhelming evidence." You're looking for something more like "I have personally touched and smelled a atom and God told me what it was." Again, theories are about what best explains the world around us. If atomic theory is all backwards, then the new theory will just mean more information for everyone. That's progress.
That evidence as I have already pointed out, is not applicable; Thomson and Rutherford never really saw an atom.
>charged particles ejected from violent nuclear activity in the sun are pulled towards the earth's magnetic poles, ionizing the upper atmosphere resulting in light-emitting plasma." Atomic theory also tells me what nuclear fusion is, what a particle is, what a charge is, what an ion is, what causes light emission, and what plasma is so that's in no way "Talmudic babbling." Your explanation just isn't robust enough to compete. It needs to be developed if it's to be taken seriously.
1. My definition for talmudic babbling was the way you spoke, not necessarily the theories themselves (though I do disagree with them and acknowledge that they have been used in massive psy-ops)
2. We don't know that these particles even exist, realistically they cannot even exist.
I think what you're struggling with here is that you're thinking modern atomic theoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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One day...
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You've been told already to fuck off, quit rabble-rousing


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>I'm going to get caught up in an argument because I think this thread shouldn't be bumped and bump this thread six more times in the process


As if this board doesn't have an obvious sage feature?

File: Adolf_Eichmann,_1942.jpg (297.97 KB, 652x1024, 163:256, 1593027950303.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


In light of information indicating numerous little and big red flags about the NSDAP, such as how many of its members looked jewish (Naujocks, Heydrich, Eichmann, Goebbels (though he's written off as merely having a Med/Dinaric phenotype), etc.), Hebrew symbolism in the Waffen-SS, NS antagonism towards non-German Europeans, the NS usage of the hammer and sickle, portraying admitted jews and mischlings as poster Aryans, jewish girlfriends/mentors in notable NSDAP members' early lives, Eichmann 'fleeing' to heavily jewish Buenos Aires, etc., could the term "Nazi" also be a red flag?

The theory that the term is allegedly from Ashkenazi (though Ashkenazi is Aschkenasi in German) is a longstanding one, though it was on controlled opposition sites that also made up a lot of gobbledygook alongside it. I remember coming across the idea and dismissing it many years ago just because of all the other crud the websites were peddling (I guess I wasn't as discerning back then) and thinking that it was too obvious of a reference. Well, considering all of the other in-your-face symbolism they push, I have actually taken the AshkeNazi theory into better consideration. It could be derived from the spelling of Ashkenazi in English and other languages, but given a German pronunciation (z = ts in German). Ashkenazim are said to have originated in the Rhineland.

Nazi/Natzi was also a nickname for Ignaz/Ignatz, and either the nickname or proper name or both was/were considered to be the early 20th Bavarian equivalent to Cletus or Billybob in the modern US, i.e. an unsophisticated hick. The NSDAP originated in Munich (officially at least; it may very well have had multiple international hands in its making, which could also tie in to 'Ashkenazi').

So, 'Nazi' could have had a double entendre: AshkeNazi for the elite of the NSDAP, and IgNazi for the lower level proles. The sound of the word also fits in the German pronunciation of National (like nahtsionahl); while the NSDAP was said to have rejected the term Nazi, Goebbels did use it in his Nazi-Sozi speech.

1. Ashkenazi
2. Ignatz
3. German pronunciation of Nationalsozialist
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It was a weird mix of paganism and christianity in nazism, and as you may know, Jesus is regarded as the king of jews in the new testament. It's actually kind of funny how Jesus was declared an aryan by those krauts.
Also I have heard of that specific movie but I also don't know it's name. Whatever it is, there's a couple of possible questions for it: who made it? Was it an independent film studio, were there any like that in Nazi Germany or was it all state-financed?
>which is an extremely questionable quote as the church kept the jews as a privileged class
Quite true, while there were anti-jewish pogroms every now and then like when Count Emicho did it in 1096, at those very same events a christian archbishop went out to protect the jews. Im also interested where that quote comes from.
>15th SS
The latvians were very anti-jewish after soviet atrocities in 1940/41, so I will have to go again with that "correlation=/=causation." The resemblance is interesting, but it's a bit far fetched.


Just to give some context, at the time a large amount of people in Germany that hated the church were themselves just called "Gottglaubig", some of them were men who left the church but still believed in a higher power or even Jesus, and then some were like Himmler who (at least on-paper) had some sort of Germanic religion:
>People who identified as gottgläubig could hold a wide range of religious beliefs, including non-clerical Christianity,[4] Germanic neopaganism,[4] a generic non-Christian theism,[9] deism,[2] and pantheism.[2] Strictly speaking, Gottgläubigen were not even required to terminate their church membership, but strongly encouraged to.[10]
Thus "Positive Christianity" was just a vague term used by Hitler and loosely defined by Alfred Rosenberg to oppose Catholicism, but then again, Hitler always flipped between supporting that and then supporting the church.
>where that quote comes from
It was during a meeting with the bishop of Osnabrück in April of 1933, just after he took power, though I can't find the exact original source that talks about it. There's a book that references it called "The Nazi Persecution of the Churches" (going by its contradictory details, that may not be the case) though most of the book is available on jewgle as part of a "preview", the source it references is apparently under some paywall and I'm not dealing with jewgle.
>The latvians were very anti-jewish after soviet atrocities in 1940/41, so I will have to go again with that "correlation=/=causation." The resemblance is interesting, but it's a bit far fetched.
I'm aware of how the Latvians chose to ally with the Germans against the Soviets and still remember that today; however, did the Latvian people really choose their emblem? Why else would it be identical to a rotated Hebrew letter?
Some influential people in the SS such as Naujocks (who got off scot-free after the war ended) are said to be of Lithuanian descent, but look jewish and are thus probably "Lithuanian" jews, could that also be the case for Latvia?


I don't know who picked the emblems for each of the Waffen-SS divisions and I haven't really ever seen it referenced.
>probably "Lithuanian" jews, could that also be the case for Latvia?
Hard to say, the statistics are our only guide on this, in Latvia there were a lot less jews than in Lithuania and Estonia had almost none, so it's less possible. As for the symbol/emblem, i think it's just a "L" with a "1" to symbolise that it is the 1st Latvian, and same goes for the 19th SS division, just with L and roman numeral "2".
As far as I know, latvians did have a very similar thing called "Dievturība," which essentially is a form of neo-paganism.

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